Play Review

A Christmas Carol

A Christmas carol by Charles Dickens

In the book A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens you should go and see the play because of the really cool effects also the visuals.

One way of how the effects were really cool is, that when the ghost came there was smoke and there were noises and lights flashing.

An addition of visuals is that you can see what the ghosts and the characters look like. In your head you make up some sort of picture but it is cool to see the difference of what you thought and what Charles Dickens was thinking.

For example of both effects and visuals is makeup and costumes, the makeup that they do changes he mood and then you can tell wether that is a poor person or a rich person same goes for the costumes.

To conclude the effects and visuals of the play really what makes it cool. Because you can see the mood in the effects for example the lighting the makeup the costumes the sounds the smoke. They all make the play really interesting to watch.

Something that Scrooge sacrificed and that I have sacrificed in our lives are the following. Scrooge toward the end of the play sacrificed his money, once he realized that people need help. He sacrificed what he was trying to save and that was his life (the money). After the three spirits came he changed and was more generous and believed in the Christmas spirit. Something that I have sacrificed in life is, also money. When I go shopping I always buy things, Usually I don't have any money. So I'm sacrificing the money that I have on stuff that I probably don't need.