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Lakeview Family Newsletter ~ December 10

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Lakeview's Mission:

The mission of Lakeview Elementary is to ensure each and every learner GROWS the knowledge and skills essential to achieving their full potential.

Lakeview's Vision:

We will create a school where each and every learner will thrive in welcoming and inclusive learning communities.

Lakeview's Values:

• We value strong relationships between students, staff, and families.

• We value being responsive to student academic and social-emotional needs.

• We value staff collaboration that supports shared goals and actions for student success.

It's Cold!

Now that the weather is quite cold, families should know that we go outside whenever the "feels like" temperature is above 0 degrees. This is the same for all four of our elementary schools. This means that students stay outside in the morning before 8:25 if it is above 0 degrees as well. Please be sure your child has coat, hat, and mittens. Sometimes we need to stay indoors for a morning recess, but by lunch we go outside.

Once there is snow, student must have boots AND snowpants to leave the blacktop and play in the snow.

Spirit (Dress up) Days!

Please help your child(ren) pick out some outfits that will celebrate the season! Let's see how many students at Lakeview can wear outfits each day that fit these spirit days:

Monday 12/13 - Santa hat/Reindeer antlers/Holiday bling

Tuesday 12/14 - Dreaming of Winter: Pajama day

Wednesday 12/15 - Gingerbread Man Day: Workout clothes ("Run, run as fast as you can")

Thursday 12/16 - Ho-ho-hoedown (Plaid & flannel to stay warm)

Friday 12/17 - Peppermint stick day (wear as much red & white as possible)

Monday 12/20 - Mele Kalikimaka (Tropical, Hawaiian Christmas)

Tuesday 12/21 - Jingle Bell Rock (Dress like a Rockstar)

Wednesday 12/22 - Ugly Sweater Day

PTO Craft & Hot Cocoa Night

Thank you to our PTO and thank you to anyone that was able to come to the PTO Craft and Hot Cocoa night! We had a fantastic turnout for our first in-person event in almost two years. Watch for more events like this in the coming months.

Still Looking for Gifts?

'Tis the season for gift giving, and it can be stressful to find the perfect gifts. As families, we try to balance cost, what our children want/need, and what it available in store or online. Argh! Here is a list of ideas of games and toys that are both fun and build skills.

Books can be enjoyed over and over. Perhaps think about a book that might be a "family read aloud". Many students love Harry Potter, but it might be too hard to read yet. Getting a copy and reading a chapter each night is a great family activity. Board games that can be played as a family are treasured for years! Sorry, Yahtzee, Clue, Candy Land - all of the games we played as kids are still great today.

Healthy Reminders

We are still in a pandemic. Please help us keep everyone safe by keeping students home when they are sick and display symptoms. When you call the office, please leave detailed illness information for us, including symptoms and the day the symptoms started. This will eliminate the need for our health team to call you back first before making decisions.

Vaccination remains a personal choice. Please remember that, now that we have some students that qualify as "fully vaccinated," more and more of these fully vaccinated students will be able to stay in school, even if they are close contacts. Depending how much time between the two shots, it takes about 5 weeks for a person to qualify as "fully vaccinated" from the date of the first shot (about 3 weeks between shots and then 2 weeks after the 2nd shot).

Upcoming Dates

Winter Break - Dec 23 through January 2 (school resumes January 3 at 8:30 a.m.)

Here is the link to the entire calendar for families

This Week's Golden Lions!

There were 37 Golden Lions awarded to students this week. Here are the descriptions for each of those Golden Lions. Our students demonstrate GREAT character at Lakeview!

• Kaidence showed engagement and responsibility when she completed her Seesaw assignments on her own during virtual learning. She consistently raises her hand to answer questions and participates in group discussions. Here is a firecracker clap just for you! :)

• Julio was a great mentor to a younger student who was having some difficulties. He helped him get down his thoughts in writing and to work past his emotions and follow directions. Way to set a great example for another students Julio!

• Julio helped another student who did not want to go to class. When Julio talked to this student, Julio convinced the student to come along and go to specials. Thanks for being a great example of how to solve a problem, Julio!

• [Name] is doing a fantastic job of staying on task and handling disruptions in a really mature and smart way. I appreciate her calm response at a time when she may be feeling differently. Great job Laila!

• Drew noticed that another classmate was being made fun of and called names. Drew stepped in and stood up for that classmate and invited that classmate to work with him. He then helped the classmate complete the activity and was very kind to him.

• Aiden was very engaged during our small group reading session. He did an excellent job of participating and reading. Way to go Aiden! Keep up the fantastic work!

• Urijah is safe and respectful when working with students that are having a hard time following the rules. He is kind, patient and helpful. Thanks for being a friend to everyone!

• Gio worked hard to stay engaged in his nonfiction book during reading. He didn't allow anything that was going on around him to distract him. Thanks for being a great model for others!

• Leutrim was very engaged when we were building our Multiple Towers. He was focused on the topic at hand and modeling what it means to truly work in a group. Thanks for being so engaged and working so hard!

• This week while we were transitioning activities, Myla noticed that some students left cushions behind where they were working. Without being asked, she cleaned up the cushions and put them away in the proper spot. Thanks for your help, Myla!

• Yesterday while working on fractions, Peair noticed another student who was having trouble. Without being asked, he went over to the student and offered to help him. The student agreed, and Peair proceeded to teach him how to find equivalent fractions. Wow! Keep up the great work, kiddo!

• Santino has been working really hard in Math. Just a few weeks ago, he could be heard saying that fractions were hard. Now, he's an ace at finding equivalents and even adding fractions! Plus, he is doing some algebra on ST Math! Keep working hard, Santino!

• This week I have noticed that Jayden has been working hard to keep himself and his classmates quiet on the way to specials by using the "zero voice" hand signal as we walk. I appreciate your help, Jayden!

• Kelianis has been working hard to write a feature article about dolphins. She has organized her information and added text features such as pictures and captions to make her work look like something that could be found in a magazine. Keep up the hard work, Kelianis!

• Harley was right there when a student was being teased. She didn't walk away. She didn't just ignore her friend getting teased. Instead, she spoke up and told the student to stop. She also explained to the student who was teasing why it is wrong to do that.

• [Name] stayed in the classroom for the entire lesson and then completed the work with his partners. I was so proud of him for being engaged the entire time!

• Skyler eagerly applied a new reading strategy right after our mini-lesson. He asked if he could work with a partner and they spent their reading time working on this new strategy. As a result, he is learning more about main ideas and details. Way to take such great initiative, Skyler!

• Right after our reading mini-lesson, Karleigh quickly settled into a spot that would allow her to stay focused on her reading. She didn't allow anything that was going on around her to distract her from her high level of engagement! This is exactly how we become better readers, Karleigh! Way to go!

• Christine kindly requested to work with a classmate in order to support that student's learning. She partnered with this student so that a more challenging book could be read. Not only did she read with her classmate, she also allowed opportunities for her classmate to practice the skills already in place. Thank you for having such a big heart!

• Urijah was an outstanding listener in music today as we started to explore the music of the Nutcracker!

• Evan always does a great job of using the resources in our room in order to be successful. For example, today during science, he took out his writing folder so he could use the personal word wall to be sure he was spelling unknown words correctly. I have noticed this is something he does consistently, no matter what we are learning. Way to go, Evan!

• Jaliyah worked hard and long to complete all representations and equations for combinations of 10.

• Vivvy displayed engagement by reminding the class about the definition of a compound word.

• Caleb displayed engagement by reminding the class to look closely at the beginning of a word. There could be a digraph or blend there.

• Henry displayed engagement by reminding the class what a contraction is.

• Braxton worked long and hard to complete all representations and equations for combinations of 10.

• Gavin worked long and hard to complete all representations and equations for combinations of 10.

• Emilio worked long and hard to complete all representations and equations for combinations of 10.

• Vivvy worked long and hard to complete all representations and equations for combinations of 10.

• Brooke worked long and hard to complete all representations and equations for combinations of 10.

• Eliana worked long and hard to complete all representations and equations for combinations of 10.

• Dora worked long and hard to complete all representations and equations for combinations of 10.

• Ben worked long and hard to complete all representations and equations for combinations of 8.

• When we were working on combinations of numbers, Delloyd wanted to give up. Then he started saying “I want to be engaged!” and completed his work.

• Our Math times have required lots of stamina and Maddie didn’t give up.

• Even though [Name] had to be away from school for quite a few days, she was doing her work while she was gone. She came back to school showing me that she learned the material by earning proficient scores on all missed assessments. I am so proud of Annalise for staying engaged at home when it was difficult.

• With the help of a suggestion from Ms. Markeson, Amie and I used rehearsal of her ideas to write one of the chapters in her non-fiction books. We took some quick notes about what she wanted to write and then she took those notes and wrote complete ideas for her chapter! Keep up the great work Amie!

Roar Awards!

Do you appreciate a staff member at Lakeview? Show them you care by submitting their name for a ROAR Award (the grown-up version of our Golden Lions for students). Here is the link to submit - you can submit as many as you want, every week! The staff member will get a certificate and his/her name will be entered in a monthly drawing for a gift card to the place of their choice. Our staff really appreciates the nice notes. ROAR Awards are sponsored by the Lakeview PTO.