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Dromomania to Romania

The Basics

Romania is in South-Eastern Europe. It borders the Black Sea and it fitted between Bulgaria and the Ukraine. Summers are sunny with frequent showers & storms (avg. 73°-95° F.) Winters are cold and cloudy with frequent snow and fog (avg. 28° F.) Typical weather is temperate (avg. 73-95°.)

Romania is home a the Caparthian Mountains. This range is 600 miles long, are in the shape of an arc, and has different terrains including glacial and volcanic.

The Danube Delta is also located in Romania. The 1864 mile long river splits into three branches in southern Romania and is home to many rare species of plants and animals.

How to Fit In

Romania's native language is Romanian (89%.) Hungarian (7%) and German (1.5%) are also spoken there, but very little of the population speaks them. Romanians are family based and have hierarchy's within the family, the father being the head of the family. The people are also reserved and have a strong need for privacy. Whenever giving another flowers, always give them an odd number, except at a funeral. However, when you do meet a Romanian, greet them with a kiss on each cheek, starting with the left. Never use first names in initial meetings and never talk about gypsies with them.

Romanians society is family focused where most of the population is members of the Orthodox Church. Romanians take pride in there past and have deep respect for their ancestors.

Digging Deeper into the Romanian Culture

Cultures are divided into those who follow the past traditions and modern. In the past, Transylvania was seen as the high culture. In today's society, Bucharest is seen as the "new" place for higher culture to live.

The landscapes are also "divided" into two ares. Transylvania and Banat (mid-west) and Maramure and Bucovina (north.)

The biggest piece of evidence cultural diffusion was after World War II. Before WWII, most of the Jews that lived in Romania lived in northern Moldova and Bucharest. After WWII, most of the Romanian Jews migrated to Israel.

A major cultural change that has occurred is their escape from communism. After 22 years of being a communist country (1947-89), they are now unitary semi-presidential republic.

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