Honors Course of the Day



Days/Times: TBD

Professor: Cynthia Gooch

About: One of the last frontiers in science is the brain. Neuroscience is one of the fastest growing domains in all of science – and a good bet for a future career path. Neuroscientists investigate brain function from the level of molecular genetics, to cellular dynamics, to brain anatomy and physiology, to relations between brain, behavior, and cognition, to brain development and aging, to diseases of the brain. In this course, we will touch on knowledge about the brain at all of these levels. The major course goal is to introduce you to neuroscience and its multidisciplinary dimensions. The honors section of the course will include additional elements such as weekly readings and discussion of clinical and engineering applications of the concepts covered in class beyond those covered outside of this section.

About the Professor: : Cynthia Gooch is a neuroscientist with a specific interest in the biological basis of time perception. Her research has included behavioral and electrophysiological studies in rodents, as well as behavioral studies in undergraduates, older individuals, and brain lesioned patients. She earned a Bachelor's degree in Biology and Philosophy at the University of Pennsylvania, and a PhD in Psychology and Neuroscience at Princeton University.