Killer Whale

Orcinus Orca

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Kingdom: Animalia

Phylum: Chordata

Class: Mammalia

Order: Cetacea

Family: Delphinidae

Genus: Orcinus

Size and Weight

Size: 5-8m

Weight: 6,804-8,618kg (15,000-19,000lbs)


Killer Whales are found in multiple oceans in both hot and cold climates. Killer whales have been seen in the Pacific, Atlantic, and the Indian Oceans. The killer whale is the biggest member of the dolphin family, and there are about 5 different species of killer whale in the oceans.
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The Killer Whale is known as one of the biggest carnivores in the ocean which is why it is known as the Killer Whale. It feeds on seals, fish, and squid. The Killer whale is also known to feed on crabs in deep water, and small lemon sharks.

Social Life

The Killer Whale is often referred to as the wolf of the sea. It earned this name for staying in packs while hunting. Killer whales, like their dolphin cousins, are very vocal and loud animals. Just like bats, Killer Whales use echolocation to move around. This is the process of using clicks and other sounds to tell what is around you. Killer whales make different sounds for different tasks such as mating calls, or to warn another animal.


Killer Whales move with a tail and use their fins to direct themselves left and right. The Killer Whale can move up to 30 miles per hour.
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Endangered Status

Sadly, Killer Whales are hunted illegally every day, causing the species' population to depreciate. Since the whale bans that have recently been passed, the population has been slowly growing.