Mrs. Reuter's Class Chronicles

September 21-25, 2015

Suspect Sketches

Our Class

Who Done It? Workshop

This week we had an on site field trip from the Lawrence Hall of Science. It was called "Who Done It?" and it was about forensic science. The lady from the Lawrence Hall of Science set up a "murder scene" in the staff lounge. We found evidence from the murder and decided to use forensic science with the clues to decide who of the suspects murdered the man. There were six suspects to choose from. We had three stations and they were the thread burning, chromatography, and powder statins. At the thread burning station we burned thread to see which one was most like the mystery thread that was found on the body. Then we found the suspect that was wearing the mystery thread. At the powder station we tested different types of powders to match the powder found on the body and once we found the powder we found the suspect that had that powder on them. At the chromatography station we found a note on the body from the murderer and we tested three pens that were found on the suspects to match the pen from the note. At the very end of the field trip we decided who we thought the murderer was. This field trip was very fun and Mrs. Reuter's class had a great time!

By Amanda & Greta

Language Arts

During Language Arts, we worked on Writer's Workshop. We finished our "Suspect Sketches" and started on our choices for expository and persuasive writing. Throughout the week, we completed our Daily Language. This week we started reading our new book Lost on a Mountain in Maine. This story was a true story about a boy who learns how to survive in the wilderness alone. Along with the story, we got a new reading log. The reading log included definitions, questions, connections, inferences, and predictions. For each question or prediction, we had to write in complete sentences. We did a lot in Language Arts this week. Our favorite was Writer's Workshop. We had a lot of fun!

By Maya & Rand


This week in Science, we learned about physical changes. After watching Mrs. Reuter demonstrate some physical changes like melting chocolate and ripping paper, we brainstormed a list of physical changes on page eighteen. We also learned about how liquids, solids, and gasses all have different amounts of energy. We learned that melting and evaporating add energy, while condensation and freezing remove energy. Next, we did something kind of like a lab. In it, we listed if the substances provided were just a mixture or also a solution. Then, we wrote down how the two substances could be separated from each other. Finally, we made Venn diagrams in our science notebooks about mixtures and solutions. Overall, we had lots of fun in Science this week!

By Nick & Katie

Social Studies

This week in Social Studies we continued our "Amazing Race" project. Fortunately, all five regions finished their clues and answers. An example of a clue from the southeast group was answering 5 questions about the southeast region. Another group was the west region their clues involved cutting out potatoes and making the Las Vegas sign. They also included five questions on the Space Needle and Disneyland. The groups were really fun because we got to work together. Most of the groups were really working hard. The northeast group was really creative and we want to give them a thumbs up!

By Diane & Ethan F.


Art with Ms. Martucci

In Art this week we did a project. We were asked to make a 3D structure in all white. We were to make a 3D paper town. We made a lot of 3D shapes, such as cylinders, stairs, twirls, and someone was creative enough to make a soccer field and a goal. They were awesome! Someone also made a hotel including a elevator. Diane did a excellent job at succeeding in this job! Good job Diane! With paper you could make anything as long as you're creative!

By Matt & Jessica

Music with Mrs. Kim

This week in Music we practiced our treble clef notes. We got to use the whiteboards and markers to draw a treble clef. All of us got to put a line were we thought notes go. We also were talking about the keyboards we are going to use next week. Everyone got the the note right in at least three tries or less. We were happy to see that everybody was really good at guessing the treble clef notes. We also saw most people being good and quiet. This week in music was fun!

By Tedla & Tu

PE with Ms. Davis & Mr. Ussery

This week in PE we played soccer. Some people decided to play inside the gym, but some people preferred to play outside! Before we started to play soccer, we did LOTS of stretching to warm up our muscles. 51% was stretching, 19% of our time was the instructions and the 30% was playing. We also had to run a lot, not including the stretching. We did two laps around the whole playground, and we had to run toward and back in the basketball court four times! After that people collected the cones and the soccer balls and gave them to Coach Ussery. Then we had to run again! After we went inside, back to the locker rooms and changed back into our school uniforms.

By Morgan & Tejal

FIERCE Time with Ms. Johnson

This week in FIERCE, we made our slideshow with Mr. Z. Our slideshow is about being FIERCE. This project is a five week project that we started back on the third week of school. Mr. Z taught us how to make a slideshow on iPhoto. Since we just learned how to make a slideshow, it took the class most of our FIERCE time to finish this group project. Because of that, Ms. Johnson made this a six week project. On the sixth week, we will edit and also add music to our slideshow. When every group completes this project, we will all have a fun and exciting time presenting our slideshows!

By Rod & Ethan H.

Spanish with Señorita Webb

On Monday, we did some worksheets on colors and shapes. On Wednesday, we had a earned enough points to have una fiesta! We got to try some different flavors of Mexican soda called Jarritos. We also played freeze dance and ghost in the graveyard in Spanish. We got to watch "What's This?", which in Spanish is "Que es?" from the Nightmare Before Christmas. We also listened to a couple of songs like "Honey I'm Good" with Spanish subtitles. This week in Spanish was super fun!

By Abby & Jaina

Coming Up Next

Next week, the students will begin working on our first book project. The students will be comparing and contrasting their specific literature circle novel (The Cay, My Side of the Mountain, Sign of the Beaver) with our guided reading book, Lost on a Mountain in Maine, The students will be writing a compare/contrast piece on the similarities and differences between the two tales of survival. The students will also be working in groups of three to create a board game reflecting the two tales of survival. In Writer's Workshop, most students have completed their "Suspect Sketches". Next week, we will begin looking more in depth at narrative writing and will begin working on our "Fractured Fairytales". Coming up next week week in Social Studies, we will be completing our "Amazing Race" project. This week the students completed their Keynotes and clues for their regions. Next week, we will actually be competing to see who can solve our "Amazing Race: Regions Edition" the fastest by using a QR scanner to read QR codes and then solve the corresponding clue. The students will also be taking their states and capitals matching test on Tuesday, September 29. In Science, we will be taking a Physical Science quiz on Monday, September 28. Remember to study the differences between mixtures and solutions, and be able to identify and explain physical changes.

Mrs. Reuter

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