Romeo and Juliet's troubled love

Fault of the Friar

Even though Romeo and Juliet wanted to get married it was still on the fault of Friar Laurence because he married them and didn't tell there parents or anyone. Romeo and Juliet went to Friar Laurence to ask if he would marry them and not tell anyone and Friar said " in one respect ill thy assistant be" (Act 2 Scene 3). this is showing that the Friar agreed to helping them and didn't tell anyone, Friar Laurence tried helping again when Romeo got banished he agreed to help Juliet to try and find a way for her to live with him he said " Hold get you gone strong and prosperous in this resolve ill send a friar with speed to Mantua" ( Act 6 Scene 3). This is significant because Friar gives her a potion to make it look like shes dead they have a ceremony and one of Romeo's spy's saw and told Romeo so he rode into town and thought she was dead so he poisoned himself. When Juliet woke up she killed herself because they both thought they couldn't live with out each other but still putting the fault on Friar Laurence because he didn't tell anyone.

Death of relationship?

I chose the fault in our stars as the movie that relates because in Romeo and Juliet Romeo being banished messes up there relationship and they end up killing there self. In the Fault in our Stars the couple are star cross lovers and the girl friend gets diagnosed with cancer and she dies so there relationship gets ruined that's how they both relate because one bad thing happens and ruins the whole thing for the.
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Book Tears of a Tiger by: Sharon Sharper

n addition Tears of a Tiger and Romeo and Juliet are alike similar because they both have people who are really close and commit suicide because one is died. In Tears of a Tiger there are two popular basketball players and they good to a party and get drunk. One of the players, named Andy, decide to drive home while the other friend isn't intoxicated and get in drunk driving accident. Andy is okay but the other friend dies. Leaving Andy felling guilty, so one day he skips practice and goes home and kills himself. Is book is like Romeo and Juliet because one is so heart broken that the other person takes their own lives. Andy and his friend are like Romeo and Juliet because they where meant for friendship just like Romeo and Juliet.
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