Popular Dances and Currency

By: Anna Moss

Popular Dances

The tango was invented over a hundred years ago, in 1886, in Argentina, later adopted be Uruguay. The music however was composed in 1917. During the first few decades, the tango was considered 'dirty', and 'honest' women were not supposed to dance the tango. Men danced with men to 'teach' or 'practice' for adventures of the night.
Professional Argentine Tango


Uruguayan Pesos are catorgorized as coins and banknotes (the equivalent to paper money in the US). The coin value ranges are as follows:

  • $U1
  • $U2
  • $U5
  • $U10

The banknote value ranges are also as followed:

  • $U20
  • $U50
  • $U100
  • $U200
  • $U500
  • $U1000
  • $U2000

One USD is equilivant to $24.28000UYU, and $U1 is equilivant to $0.04125USD