By: Solomon Knutzen

VRRROOOMM! There goes my Dad. He's going to work at Doc's Harley-Davidson in Shawano.
My Dad works as a mechanic in the the back. A cool thing my Dad does is he feed's the alligators. He also works next to his friend Rob. My dad's hight is 6'5!
My Dad lived in New Auburn WI, Sand Creek WI, Menominee MI. & nourthern Oklahoma. My Dad's friends are Rob, Ryan, Jeff, Marc, Joe, Steve, Earl, Ben, Shannon, Ethan & Doc. My Dad was born in Arizona.

the way my dad met my Mom was, he was in a music store & my Mom was putting a cd away and he was looking for that cd.

The people he is related to are,Colette M Knutzen (mom), Jens H Knutzen (brother) & Jessica A Knuzen (wife).
My opinion about my Dad is that he is best dad in the world!!!!!!