Computer Hardware Engineer-Samad A

Supporting software to hardware, to protect from malaware!


A computer hardware engineer is a job in the STEM cluster. This job involves critical thinking, science, and math to do.

Training, Education, and Salary

The degree that most buisnesses would accept is a bahsolars degree. The only training you need is the degree but in the cluster (computer science degree might work two). A computer hard ware engineer earns about $108,430 a year, and $52.13 and hour

Pictures of Work Environment

Job Description and Outlook

This job is expected to grow 3% from 2014-2024, slower than average than most jobs. Little engineers are needed now, software is being upgraded, but may be needed more in the future when computer parts are needed more.

Responsibilities/Task on the job

There responsibilities for every job. One thing is that you need to update your skills with rapid advancements happening. Also, you need to make prototypes with computer simulation to improve hardware. Third, you need to specify needs for the new hardware and talk about system performance. Another thing is that you need to write detailed and specified things about hardware development.Lastly. you need to select materials and hardware with specification and requirements.


There is a lot of things with this job, but it is fun if you want to design for computers and work to make things better, and it is rewarding with the payment you get.