The Hunting Ground

By Alec Vonch


A major problem has been going on at universities, men and women are being sexually assaulted and if the attackers are pleaded guilty all the sentences are 1 day suspension, 50 hours community service, and create a poster board of how to approach a women

Defining the Purpose

Men and women go to these college for educational learning. But sometimes they want to go to a party, at the party they could be potentially intoxicated or drugged after that they are possibly sexually assaulted. After it happens they try and tell the dean of the school or call the police but they do nothing to help them.

Achieving the Purpose

It showed how sexual assault is the second highest problem in college these days.

The authorities are not doing anything for that.

The victim isn't given help


In conclusion to the movies overall impact I think that authorities should take more action in stopping sexual assault. Some students have even taken there own lives because nobody would help them and the impact the situation it had on them. So the colleges should take more action.