Digital Footprint

Juliana Garcia

What is a digital footprint and why is it important ?

A digital footprint is something colleges , jobs , and schools look at when you apply . They look at your social media accounts such as Twitter , Facebook , or Instagram . They look at these social media accounts to see how you act in public with your friends or if its a bad digital footprint or good .

Whats does your digital footprint consist of ? What tools do you use and for what purpose ?

My digital footprint consist of :

  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • LinkedIn

I use twitter to interact with events at my school and follow and share things with my friends and staff members at my school .

I use Instagram to post pictures of me and cool stuff i do for summer break or winter break or sometimes fun events i do at school .

I use LinkedIn for looking for jobs and interacting with people that may help me with my future career . I used it for a project i did in class , it was called 20% project and it helped me out finding ideas for my project such like recipes and people who are cooks cause my project was based on cooking .

These examples impact my digital footprint because if in the future if i get a job or apply for a college that's one thing they might look at my social media accounts or they might just search up my name on google and if the footprint is bad i might not get that job or inter into a good college . That's why its important for me to set a good exapmle on my social media accounts .

What my digital footprint says about me ?

My digital tells about me is that i'm a very organized person and i love getting involved with sports and it says that i'm a good person to interact with .

A . What's helpful and why ?

Whats helpful about my digital footprint is since i love keeping my socials medias organized and clean i could get a better chance at getting a job for coding or simple any job . I really just use my twitter to interact with my school and my Instagram to like and post and to comment on pictures and i don't really use LinkedIn but i could use it to find jobs and add friends .

B . What's harmful and why ?

What's harmful is if i start talking about a job or putting bad pictures of myself and being known in a bad way . My twitter is not harmful cause i barely post and my Instagram can cause sometimes i like things i shouldn't and LinkedIn is not harmful at all unless i start putting all my information.

What can you do to continue to improve your online identity ?

Some things I could do to improve my online identity is :

  • Start posting more
  • interact with my school more
  • interact with people from careers i wanna pursue
  • Don't put all my information out there

What's the most important thing you've earned this semester about maintaining a positive digital footprint ?

The most important thing is to always interact with your school and to be sure that whatever you post on social media stays on social media , So don't put anything bad and show a good example and that you could use social media in good ways for a project.