How to use Metta

Web 2.0 Project Description

Metta is a Web 2.0 tool that allows teachers and students to create and share engaging video lessons using multimedia from around the web or personal content from their computer. Metta allows students to be both consumers of information and also creators of it, while allowing teachers to create rich, relevant, and easily sharable video lessons using a simple and user-oriented interface.


  • Teachers can embed quizzes and polls within their video lessons to assesses student knowledge, and then view what percentage of the class was able to answer each question correctly using Metta's data analytics feature.
  • Teachers can assign group work within the video lesson in relation to the media student's have just viewed.
  • The lessons can be easily shared to the assigned groups using their email addresses; students do not need Metta accounts to view lessons.
  • Students can improve on their tech skills when assigned to make their own Metta videos, including video/sound editing, video production, data analytics, cloud technology, as well as information literacy skills including web search and how to properly evaluate and share digital content.
  • Metta contributes to “Flipped Learning,” a pedagogical method where students watch applicable video lessons prior to a class.
  • If a teacher is aware of an upcoming absence, they can create a Metta lesson for the sub to use so that an entire day of instruction is not lost.


  • Metta has an attached cost in order to use the tool to its fullest potential. It’s $60/year or $108/month. There is a free version, but it only allows users to create one group, use 10 MB of storage space, and offers limited quiz analytics.
  • The search feature sometimes has trouble locating YouTube links. Users must type in their search terms in the search field instead of pasting a link from their broswer.

Special Features

  • Metta is integrated with Google Drive: teachers can save, edit, and share their videos. There is an available Chrome extension so content can be added to presentations at any time.

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