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Acton Weekly Update 11/12/18

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FTCSC Hedgehog Focus

The Hedgehog Concept is based on an ancient Greek parable that states, "The fox knows many things, but the hedgehog knows one big thing." ... Hedgehogs, however, simplify the world and focus on a single, overarching vision, which they then achieve.

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Coach's Corner

Last week the focus of my Coach’s Corner was attempting to define effective collaboration. It comes down to us, as teachers, making a purposeful and conscious effort to put our comfort, ego, and pride aside. When we get teachers co-planning and co-teaching based on a shared vision, here are some of the benefits we can expect:

  • Increased Academic Effort—Since teachers who collaborate on instruction are all on the same page, they can increase the level of academic rigor to match the core competencies they want students to meet. * This is extremely important in all grades.
  • Increased Understanding of Student Data—Teachers are better equipped to deconstruct relevant data from both formative and summative assessments.
  • More Creative Lesson Plans—When teachers communicate and share ideas, they also share instructional strategies that encourage creative instruction. Colleagues may be influenced to try different approaches or have opportunities to help a peer with a new approach.
  • Less Teacher Isolation—While teachers should not feel forced to collaborate, having the opportunity to share ideas and information combats professional loneliness and frustration which improves staff morale and professional satisfaction.

Curricular Updates

Airways Schedules:

Third Grade: Novemeber 27, 29, 30


Fourth Grade: November 26, 27, 28, 30 (make up date)

9:00-9:40 and 10:40-11:30 AM

Fifth Grade: November 26, 27, 28


MOY DIBELS Upcoming Coverage Schedule:

December 3rd

McMaster/ Matters




December 4th





December 5th


ILEARN ELA Performance Task Writing Rubric:


ILEARN Released Items Repository:


Counselor´s Corner

Conscious Discipline

Thank you for switching to Brain Smart Start in your classroom. Many of our kids are coming into school these days dysregulated. We know that a dysregulated brain is only acting 1/2 of it´s age. These brain aligned activities help children regulate their brain and are a preventative technique.

Here´s an example of Mr. Froning´s Kindergarten class.


Also for upper grades, Mrs. Scott did some trial and error until she landed on a song that all the kids enjoyed. Here is an example of Mrs. Scott´s Unite Song with 5th graders.


Please let me know when I can either come model a Brain Smart for you or come and video your Brain Smart Start to share with the staff.

Thanks and I wish you well,



Weekly PBIS Focus Expectations:

Nov. 19th Week 16 Cafeteria Procedures

Please show students the video and discuss.



PBIS AM 9:00-11:00

Teacher/ Coverage

A. Miller/ S. Calvert

M. Ryan/ A. Stevenson

L.Neifert/ H. Sutton

B. Froning/ J. Stevens

K. Greene

PBIS PM 1:30-3:30

Teacher/ Coverage

A. Jewell/ A. Calvert

K. Brooks/ J.Stevens

K. Reynolds/ H. Sutton

T. Kelly

M. Davis

A. Stevens


January Absences: I know teachers have these dates on their calendar, but I want to be sure IAs do as well. Please be cognizant that attendance is of the upmost importance on January 8th, 9th, and 10th! Our teachers will be in Guided Reading Training with Carolyn Gwinn on these days. We have 3 teachers already scheduled to be out on January 8th, 8 teachers on January 9th and 10 teachers on January 10th! This is a huge training week for our entire township, so I cannot stress enough the importance of marking this day on your calendar and making every effort to report to work!

Christmas Cards for Military: If any any classrooms want to have students make Christmas cards for military members/VA/Legion, Dawn Hardcastle at Adams Elementary will deliver them.

She needs them by 12/5 and you can send them to her via Inter-office mail.

Getting To Know Our Ohana Better:

Please fill out the short Google Form below that tells us a little more about you. I'd like to have every staff member fill this out. Thanks

Weekly Collaboration Schedule

Choose the tabs at the bottom to view each quarter

Ohana Calendar

DIBELS MOY Window is Now Open

Major Saver Fundraiser

Monday 11/19/18

  • PBIS Team Meetings

Tuesday 11/20/18
  • Team Focus- Complete the Google Classroom PLC Questions

  • Marlene Gilkerson's Birthday

Wednesday 11/21/18
  • No School Thanksgiving Break

Thursday 11/22/18

  • No School Thanksgiving Break

Friday 11/23/18

  • No School Thanksgiving Break

Airways and DIBELS Testing Windows

Monday 11/26/18

  • School Board Meeting 6:00

Tuesday 11/27/18

  • Collaboration Meeting: Diversity Training
  • Skyzone Fundraiser

Wednesday 11/28/18

  • Collaboration: Team Focus

Thursday 11/29/18

  • Fourth Grade Field trip
  • Principal's Meeting
  • Teacher Recruitment Fair

Friday 11/30/18

  • PE Teacher Workday
  • Coaches Meeting (PM)
  • PBIS Assembly

Coming Soon:


3-7 Canned food drive- Student Council/ Dress Up Days Info coming soon.

4 PTO meetings

6 3rd grade music program

6 choir concert

7 Evacuation Drill

7 Cookies with Santa

7 Jan field trips due

9 Choir @ Sounds of the Season

11 Jacks Donuts fundraiser

17 School Board Meeting

18 End of semester

18 PBIS Convo

18 Winter Celebrations

18 End of period grades posted

18 Last student day

19 Teacher record day

20-1/2/19 Winter Break

Brook Wessel-Burke

Cell: 317-331-1920

Twitter: @bwesselburke

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