Apps for Learning

Edu 210

Math Minute Madness

Using this app students can practice their addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. This app allows students to earn stars as they progress through the levels. With the starts students can purchase animals for their interactive zoo.

You can check it out at the iTunes store by clicking here.


Hopscotch is an app for iPad and it allows students to create their own games. It is suggested for students 8 years and older. It is great for students interested in computer sciences! Students can also go to the Hopscotch website to see tutorials on how to make different games.

Below is a video of how to make your own game!

Hopscotch Hour of Code 2014: Make Challenge of the Fire Bunny

Timeline Maker

This app helps students to create timelines. The time line can be over days, months or years. Students can also customize the back ground and the duration of the timeline. On each event/date students can add photos or text.


Kahoot! is a formative assessment app/website that allows teachers to create a survey, quiz or a discussion. The app is set up as trivia so that is fun for students. It is also safe because each Kahoot! opened by a teacher is given a unique pin, then the students enter the pin into their devices. Below is a video on how Kahoot! works!
How to Use Kahoot! In the Classroom

Vocabulary Spelling City

Teachers can set up an account with their spelling words each week, or vocabulary that goes along with their reading assignment. Students can then use the app and access their teacher's page to practice their spelling, hear the words used in a sentence, spelled out loud, or to play a game. Below is a video made by a teacher on Vocabulary Spelling City.
A Teacher's Perspective on SpellingCity Overview 2012


Plickers is a formative assessment that only requires on device. Each student is given a card that they hold up in one direction showing if they choose a,b,c or d. The teacher then scans the classroom with their device and students can see the live poll of the results or the teacher can keep the results secret. Students are unable to know how their peers have voted because each card is unique. This helps to avoid having students vote for the same answer as their neighbour so that it gives you a more accurate assessment.

Below is a video on how Plickers works!

Teacher Tech Tips - "Plickers"