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Why we need need Convection Currents?...

We need Convection currents because without them earth wouldn't be as warm....it also had the lava or magma.

Convection Currents

A current in a fluid that results from convection. Convection can occur within the geosphere, atmosphere, hydrosphere. There are three main types of heat transfer, heat other two big conduction and radiation. Unlike the other two, convection can only happen in fluids -- liquids and gases. This is because the molecules have to be free to move.

How do Convection currects work?

    Convection currents are caused by the very hot material at the deepest part of the mantle rising, then cooling, sinking again and then heating, rising and repeating the cycle over and over. The next time you heat anything like soup or pudding in a pan you can watch the convection currents move in the liquid.

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What do they do?

Convection currents move tectonic plates and they make earth quakes. When tectonic plates come together they make mountain ranges. When they pull apart they make volcanos and deep ocean trenches.
Convection currents

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