Battle Of Stalingrad

By: Triston Lasley

How long the battle was

The battle of Stalingrad was 7 months long. From July 17, 1942-Feburary 2, 1943.

Nations that fought in this battle

Nations that fought in this battle was Germany and the Soviet Union in Southwest Russia.

Country battle was fought in

The Battle Of Stalingrad was located in Southwest Russia.

Why battle was significant

Battle Of Stalingrad was significant because it was considered a turning point in World War II in Europe. After this defeat Germany was in full retreat.

Casualty numbers

The casualty for Germany was 850,000 killed, missing, or wounded. For the Soviets approx. 1,500,000 killed, missing, or wounded.

Who won battle

The Soviet Union won the battle on February 2nd 1943, which was one of the bloodiest battles in history.

Three interesting facts

One interesting fact about the war is it was one of the bloodiest battle in history. A second fact is Russians consider it to be the greatest battle of their Great Patriotic War. And a last interesting fact about the battle is most historians think this is the greatest battle that stopped the Germans to advance into the Soviet Union and marked the turning tide of the war into the Allies favor.