My Digital Dossier

My Digital Footprint

Before I was even born

Before I was even born, my parents posted, sent and liked pictures of me as an unborn baby! Ultrasounds and sonograms of me were stored in my digital dossier. That is when my digital footprints started...

When I'm born

When I was born, the hospital keeps me in a room and tracks and saves everything about me in my digital dossier. My name, color, height, weight, gender, time of birth, surname and more. Everytime I would get bigger and taller, it would be stored in my digital dossier.


In conclusion, I have a lot stored in my digital dossier. Now whether it's when I'm online, buying things, commenting on things, going to a store and more, you can never be to sure about when something is getting stored in your digital dossier, but now after seeing this, I hope you can. I hope you liked my flyer. Thanks.

By: Noor Akrawi 7B