Let's Get Moving!

The Impact of Physical Activity and Movement upon Learning

The Mind/Body Link

Did you know that according to Eric Jensen, a leading educator in brain-based learning, that "simple movement can strengthen learning, improve memory and retrieval, and enhance learner motivation and morale"? Movement and exercise can effect processing in the cerebellum, grow more brain cells and help process and regulate data which improves cognition! It even helps the cortex, synaptic structures and neurons, all of which have an impact on learning.

Movement in the Block for Social Studies Teachers

Because we have just moved to a ninety minute block period, adding movement to our classroom routines is even more important. By incorporating some of the simple strategies below, we can improve student achievement. Best of all, it is quick, easy and fun!

Strategies We Can Use

Special Events

and Special Occasions

Take your class for a walk around the school to view the college doors decorating contest. Mine won first place!

Take your classes to special assemblies

Send students on errands. The important thing is to get them moving and get them thinking!

We Are the Best Department Ever!

Because we are the BDE, we should stay current on our teaching practices. Brain-based research indicates that exercise, movement and play improves cognition, classroom behavior, lack of boredom, better concentration, improved social skills all of which leads to an increase in academic achievement. We should actively try to incorporate some of these activities within our own classroom and perhaps come up with a bigger list at our next PLC meeting.