Don't Sell A Product

Sell An Outcome

Don't Sell A Product - Sell An Outcome

Recently, I was on a public hangout with my mentor Vick Strizheus.

Vick was teaching some very powerful stuff. One of the principles he taught was this:

"Don't sell a product. Sell an outcome."

What does this mean?

Think of commercials on tv. They don't advertise glue. What they are doing instead is showing a child, that is very upset, because some toy broke. Then the father pulls out some glue and fixes the toy. The child is obviously very happy.

They don't sell the glue, listing all it's features, but they sell the child, that is happy about the toy, that has just got repaired.

When they advertise washing powder, they don't just put that box in front of the camera, but they show a child after doing some sports. The clothes are very dirty. The mother is putting the clothes into the washing machine. But some stains remain. Then she turns to an expert, who tells her to try this other washing powder. She is very sceptical, but tries it. Next thing you'll see is an animation, how the evil stains are being removed from the fabric. Finally the mother takes the clothes out of the washer and realizes, that all the stains are gone. Now she is convinced of the quality of this great washing powder.

They didn't sell the powder, but the happy mother, who found a solution for her problem.

You can use this method for every product or service, you want to sell.

I invite you, to watch the recording of the hangout.

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