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Jamil Abdul-Kareem

Academic smart goals

S- By the time I finish grade 12, I want to have a 70% or higher

M- I want to achieve this by the end of grade 12

A- I will achieve this by doing my best work and studying more

R- It is important because I want to go to college

T- By the end of grade 11, I want to have a 70% or more in all of my classes

Volunteer Smart goals

S- By the time I finish grade 12 I want to have 40 hours

M- I will achieve this by continuing to go to boys club

A- I will continue to participate and take advantage of the opportunity boys club have given me

R- It is important because I need the 40 hours in order to graduate

T- I want to finish 10 hours every year


Jamil Abdul-Kareem

7 Quail Valley Dr, Brampton, ON, L6R 0N3 | abdulkareemjamil10@gmail.com | 647-222-3127


Recent Seneca College graduate with a Bachelor degree looking to get a full time job as a web developer

Skills & Abilities

Computer skills

Customer Service


STock clerk Wal-Mart

[Dates From – To]

Stocked canned items on shelves for wal-mart

Stock clerk Loblaws

[Dates From – To]

Stocked food items on shelves

Stock clerk winners

[Dates From – To]

Stocked away clothing


Seneca College, 1750 Finch Ave E, Toronto, ON M2J 2X5


Computer programming


You delivered that big presentation to rave reviews. Don’t be shy about it now! This is the place to show how well you work and play with others.


Are you president of your fraternity, head of the condo board, or a team lead for your favorite charity? You’re a natural leader—tell it like it is!


[Reference Name], [Title]


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Challenges and solutions

Challenges of being a web developer

One of the challenges to being a web developer is being able to stand out from others. With the amount of people wanting to do something with technology, a lot of people will be going to school for the same things and there are only so many job opening. Some people might not want to stay In school longer to earn a higher degree because then they will have no work experience and those degrees they have will likely become useless. One way to overcome that problem is by showing your potential employer that you have what it takes and you are willing to go the extra mile. You can do so by doing stuff like giving monthly updates to your boss without him/she asking for it. Also by doing more than is asked of them can also build the employers trust and will realize how valuable your skills are. Another challenge to being a web developer is having proper security on your website. If people think that the website does not have proper security then people would not want to use it. One way to overcome this problem is by spending more time of the project at hand. Some people may not spend enough time of the project due to certain distractions causing them to have flaws on their website.