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November 2018

Principal's Message

Here We Go! We have officially entered one of the busiest times of the school year. Traditionally, fall is filled with many special events and calendar changes. October was dedicated to anti-bullying month. Our assembly, The Power of One, was held on October 17th for K-3 students. Students and staff wore Orange, the color of Anti-Violence. On Tuesday, October 30 CSS held their first Peer Buddy activity. This years’ theme throughout the school is, “Be Kind.” Students listened to a story of the same title, read aloud by yours truly, and then set out on a special activity with this theme in mind. Thank you to the many parents and families who showed up for our annual Halloween parade. Our students are always excited for this day and when they see a few familiar faces in the crowd, it just adds to making Halloween day that more special. Our PTO continues work for our students’ benefit. With the Cherrydale Farms fundraiser behind us, the Scholastic Book Fair is next. Classes will visit the fair between November 12th and November 16th. VOLUNTEERS ARE NEEDED, so if you can spare any time to work one of the shifts, it would be appreciated. Please contact one of our PTO officers for more information or check our CSS web site. November is a month that contains numerous interruptions to the usual calendar. As we move through the month, please pay close attention to the school and district calendars for these changes. You may refer to our web page for further information. With that said, I’d like to point out a few reminders for dismissal time changes and school closures. Parent Conferences will be held on November 5-7, with early dismissal on each of these days. November 5 and 6 are our evening conferences from 6-8 PM while the 7th holds afternoon conferences from 1-3. Teachers sent out an invitation on Sign-Up Genius for you to select your conference time. School is closed on the 8th and 9th for the New Jersey Teachers’ Convention. Thanksgiving is on Thursday, November 22nd, so school is closed on that day and Friday, the 23rd. As usual, the day prior to a major holiday is an early dismissal day. Picture re-take day is slated for November 29th for those who missed the first time or for those who are newly enrolled. Unfortunately, it is necessary to point out a few arrival and dismissal reminders. Please DO NOT just drop off your children before 8:15 in the front of the building. Our doors do not open until then and supervision is not available until that time. When picking up your child from Preschool, please DO NOT permit other children to play unsupervised in the playground area. During this dismissal time, the playground is off limits. Finally, as Thanksgiving approaches, I would like to focus on another important day earlier in the month, Veteran’s Day. When taking into account the many things we have to be Thankful for, we often consider the country we live in and the freedoms afforded to us. These are, in part, due to the sacrifices of our veterans who served and are serving this country. I would like to extend a special thanks and appreciation to our Veterans for their service and sacrifice in making this country “the land of the free and home of the brave.” As a small demonstration of our appreciation, we will have a special Spirit Day on November 7th. Students and staff are encouraged to wear their patriotic colors of Red, White and Blue. Thank You Veterans! May all of our Cold Springs School families have a very Happy Thanksgiving!


Mrs. Karen Kessler, Principal Cold Springs School

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What's Happening Around Cold Springs School

Ms. Formiglia's class went "shopping" for a Thanksgiving dinner with only $25.00 to spend!

Thanksgiving Thoughts from cold springs school

Mrs. Hoover's 1st Grade Class

Mrs.Hoover's class has been secret kindness agents. The students have been going on kindness missions and completing kind acts. One of the missions is greet a staff member for example.The students enjoy making others smile through their kind acts.

Halloween Parade 2018

Top 10 IXL Honor Roll Students

First Grade

1 Alexander Japa

2 Alison Hopkins

3 Chloe Lacovara

4 Gabriel Rosas Gonzalez

5 Batul Himmati

6 Colin Baker

7 Jack Smith

8 Amanda Ton

9 Kellan Gorman

10 Elijah Montes

Second Grade

1 Kelvin Chen

2 Ivan Prado-Colin

3 Mark Reagle

4 Damien Price

5 Caleb Hall

6 Jackson Schultes

7 Isaiah Rivera

8 Skylea Simmerman

9 Nolan Garnett

10 Nathan Schumm

Third Grade

1 Alison Ding

2 Austin Wang

3 Corinne Kelly

4 Jennie Huang

5 Travez Robert

6 Corban Nguyen

7Jonathan Smith

8 Sherrod McKee

9 Aiden Scully

10 Khloe Stiles

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Ms. McFerren - PreK

  • What grade do you teach? Preschool

    How many years have you been teaching? This is my second year teaching preschool.

  • What do you like to do when you are not teaching? (hobbies,etc.) I like coaching field hockey and sewing.

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Early childhood center at cold springs school

Preschool Fall Harvest Explorations! With Ms. Grohowski

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PTO Team members

Nicole Krumenacker - President

Mike Hopkins - Vice President

Paula & Jay Huhn - Treasurer

Lori Seedes - Secretary

Victoria Hopkins - Secretary

Thank you to our parent volunteers for our Book fair!

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