5 Famous People who were rejected

Anuss Akhtar

Jackie Robinsin

Jackie Robinson was a baseball player that went through racism. Racism was tough because the whites spat at him, and called him names. But Jackie Robinson just ignored them, and kept playing. Not only did the audience had disrespect for Jackie Robinson but also the people on the field, and his own teammates. Although, he was a good at baseball, his team only used him to win. But his manager was different, he helped him go through racism. After all the racism Jackie Robinson went through he made the Brooklyn Dodgers win the World Series. His solution was to give it his all and make his team win to gain respect.
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Steve Jobs

In 2003 Steve Jobs which is the co creator of apple became diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. Steve Jobs rejected an offer of surgery for his diagnosis. He chose to alter his pesco vegetarian diet while weighing eastern treatment options. For 9 Months he postponed surgery which made some of the apples board directors nervous.

But when Steve jobs got tired of the things he was trying to do, he finally got surgery. Removing his pancreatic tumor which was the problem. Finally, after a successful surgery he disclosed little about his health. Also he lived a longer life than if he didn’t have surgery.
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Eleanor Roosevelt

In Eleanor Roosevelt’s past she was rejected by her peers and her mother. Her peers rejected her because of her look, and her mother rejected because of her personality. She had to deal with in her childhood. When she became a teenager she moved to her grandmas because her parents had passed away. Eleanor’s grandma was strict, so she sent her to boarding school. At boarding school she was respected because she was good at field hockey. After a while she fell in love with a distant cousin who soon became the president of the U.S. before that they got married.

After they got married, she soon found out that Franklin Roosevelt was cheating on her. She’d been rejected by her own husband which soon was attacked by polio and Eleanor was good enough to help him in his political career. Soon when Eleanor became older she traveled to places and helped people in need, also she became a good hearted person. That cause she did made an effect that made people happy and proud to have a person so kind hearted.
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Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift a famous country artist was bullied in middle school. She was rejected by her peers and classmates. The way she was bullied was not physical it was social. The first thing that comes up in your mind is probably like multimedia and similar things, well guess what it wasn't cyber bullying! She was bullied in school. And in the end she became a famous country artist.

Micheal Jordan

michael jordan was rejected by his dad. He said that “ he always try’s which is a waste of time”. But he soon proves himself to his dad when he plays in the olympics and wins a gold medal. Also he joins the basketball team and joins the chicago bulls and proves to his dad that he is capable of persevering and succeeding what he starts.