April BMS Media Newsletter

Pamela J. Baker, Media Coordinator

BMS Places 5th in Regional Competition

Tuesday, April 12 BMS BOB team competed in the regional competition. We placed 5th out of 10 teams this year. We moved from 15th place last year to 5th this year, this is exemplary growth.

In the individual rounds,

we tied with Washington, Perquimans, and Martin,

won against Northampton, Currituck, and Elizabeth City

fell short to Pitt and Gates

The overall placement of the competition was as follows:

Pitt County


Elizabeth City








Coaches: Pamela Baker and Betty Hoggard
Team Members. (Back) Qudre Joyner, Ethan Hughson, Alex White, Connan Connelly (front) Victoria Parker, Cheyenne Gritter, Kristien Teel and Nicole Pratt

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Havelock Lunch & Learn Training Session

Tuesday, April 5, 2016 I attended another awesome workshop about enhancing our media and technology program at BMS. Ideas learned from the concurrent sessions will be shared collaboratively. We are doing great things here and I am proud to be part of such a wonderful Phoenix Family. Thanks to Ms. Toni Harris for volunteering to implement a special instructional technological tool into this month's poetry theme.

Poetry Month

Students in Ms. Harris' 6th grade ELA classes had a lot of fun learning about the various types of poetry. Mrs. Baker reviewed cinquain, haiku, diamante, limerick, and acrostic poems. Students drew cards out of an envelope to determine which type of poem they had to write. Students were grouped in pairs and used iPads for a "Poetry Madness" goosechase. They then used their chromebooks to take selfies and write a selfie poem. The photo and selfie poem were inserted in the canva digital tool for poster creation. Enjoy a few of the amazing creations below but also check out the school entry hallway for even more wonderful designs. (unedited posters)
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Poetry Table

Another poetry opportunity existed for all students visiting the media center. There was a table covered with bulletin board paper where crayons and colored pencils were provided for students to express their ideas about "Spring Fever." Examples included short poems and pictures of the sun, butterflies, flowers etc. Great opportunity for students to express their creativity.

New Books

We are pleased to announce that we received new books this month. Thanks to Mr. Peele and our School Improvement Team for allowing us to use school funds to foster the love of literacy.
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Golden Phoenix

We are pleased to announce that the following homerooms had 100% AR participation. They are: Tyson, Bazemore, Jefferson, Bernard and Baluyot. Some classes were only 1 or 2 students away. Keep Reading. Congratulations to Mrs. Tyson's homebase for having a 93.5 average. You will receive the Golden Phoenix and free time outside. Great job, keep up the great work.
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3rd Quarter Top Readers

Congratulations to the following students for having the highest AR points 3rd quarter for their grade level. Each student received a free book of choice.

6th Grade: CeyMiah Harris with 54.2 points

STEM: Jesse Speight wtih 95 points

7th Grade: Tania Perry, Charity Riddick-Mullen and Raven Rimel all with 46 points

8th Grade: Brian Dunlow with 45.8 points

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Super Phoenix Celebration

Students that met their 3rd Quarter AR with an A average celebrated by having ice cream and free time.

Collaboration, Collaboration!

Mrs. Williams' 7th Grade ELA classes came to the Media Center and had a lesson regarding the use of reference materials. They watched two short videos, played kahoot and were actively engaged in a "Goosechase" to find the proper reference resources to use in specific situations. Seventh grader, Ally White said, " This lesson was so much fun because we were able to move around and use technology." .

High School Students Visit BMS

Ms. Anna Parker, Graphic Teacher at BHS, brought her first block students over to BMS for a 3D lesson presented by Mrs. Baker and two BMS students, Ethan Hughson and Brian Dunlow. The students discussed ways this tool could be used and each BHS student took away a 3D object, including a paper clip made for Ms. Parker.

Ms. Parker said, "Thank you again for the great presentation this morning. My students and I enjoyed the 3-D Printer and I was very impressed by your student assistants and how well they knew the machine. I know we will definitely be calling on you all and your knowledge to help us."

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