How to be More Energy Efficient

Electricity and other types of energy are a big part of our daily lives. In fact, from the time the alarm clock rings early in the morning until we turn in late at night, we count on various sources of energy to help us cook our meals, heat and cool our homes, light our way, and keep us informed and entertained. There are so many ways to be energy efficient. Charles Perrin of Tulsa, an experienced professional in the energy industry, shares some helpful tips on staying energy efficient. He says simple tasks like replacing older light bulbs with energy efficient bulbs which use less energy is one way to be more efficient. Making sure to turn off lights in rooms you are not in is also a simple yet effective to conserve energy. Not only do they make your home more energy efficient, it also cuts down on your costs. Charles Perrin also suggests other more extensive projects, like insulating your pipes or insulating your water heater, will help make your home more energy efficient. Having a plumber come do an inspection for leaks will also help to ensure your conserving energy rather than being inefficient.

As an experienced businessman in the energy industry, Charles Perrin of Tulsa is an influential and respected individual in the oil and gas business. He graduated from the University of Oklahoma, leaving with a BBA in Energy Management. He worked for a number of companies including Apache Corporation, Cities Service Company, Hawkins Oil and Gas, SMR Energy Income Funds, and Sapient Energy Corp. He met a number of his future partners at these firms.

Charles Perrin from Tulsa used the knowledge that he gained from years of experience with other energy corporations, to start his own company. With the help of some of his former colleagues he worked with at Apache Corporation, Charles Perrin founded Rockford Energy Partners in 2002. He would go on to start two more corporations called Rockford Energy Partners II and Rockford Energy Partners III. He served as the Chief Executive Officer for all three corporations and led all of them to economic growth and prominence within the energy industry community. In 2012, Charles Perrin of Tulsa sold Rockford Energy Partners in order to spend more time with his family.

Charles Perrin of Tulsa - Founder and CEO of Rockford Energy Partners

Charles Perrin of Tulsa is a successful businessman and leader in the energy industry. He graduated from the University of Oklahoma obtaining his BBA from their prestige's Energy Management program. He put his degree to excellent use and immediately obtained employment in the energy industry. Charles worked for a number of companies including Cities Service Company, Hawkins Oil and Gas, SMR Energy Income Funds, Apache Corporation and Sapient Energy. He made lasting business connections while working for these companies, which later came in handy when he founded his energy corporations.

In 2002, Charles Perrin of Tulsa founded Rockford Energy Partners I, along with some former colleagues and a $15 million investment from Quantum Energy Partners. As the CEO of Rockford Energy Partners I Charles went about ensuring the growth of the company. Rockford Energy Partners I obtained over 200 miles of natural gas pipeline and operated 325 wells in the Cherokee Basin. This was done in the space of 3 years.

In 2005, Charles Perrin of Tulsa founded his second company, Rockford Energy Partners II. Quantum Energy Partners merged with the company and invested $50 million this time; Charles again served as the CEO. Like the original Rockford Energy Partners, the second one was immensely successful and profitable. The rebranding of the company made Rockford energy over $1.57 billion in Board-approved offers.

In 2008 Charles Perrin of Tulsa sold Rockford Energy Partners II. The company had become a huge financial success and Charles felt it was time for him to spend more time with his family after spending years as a devoted servant of the energy industry.

University of Oklahoma - Only the Finest Education

The University of Oklahoma (OU), a leading public research university, is well known for its high academic achievement, multiple research endeavors, enrollment of National Merit Scholars, and much more. There are even two highly acclaimed museums on the campus, one celebrating French Impressionism while the other boasts an incredible collection of indigenous artwork. Located in lush Norman, Oklahoma, the University aims to provide the highest quality education and allow students to test the limits of their creativity, talents, biases, and intelligence. The mission statement and goals of the university's student services sector, which can be viewed at, are as follows to ensure the happiness and success of each and every student:

Mission Statement:

“The mission of Student Affairs is to enhance students’ academic success by developing student skills, cultivating diverse, campus life experiences and enriching the university community through programs and services.”


1.) “Assist students in realizing their goals – academic, personal, and professional.
2.) Provide diverse cultural experiences to the university community.
3.) Offer programs that are designed to enhance the academic experience.
4.) Provide leadership development opportunities.
5.) Create a safe, healthy environment in which students may live, study, socialize and work.”

Charles Perrin of Tulsa is a proud graduate of OU, earning his Bachelor of Business Administration. He has led a highly successful career in energy management, founding Rockford Energy Partners by joining forces with Quantum Energy Partners. He deeply believes in OU’s mission statement and goals, and he credits his solid foundation in the field to the excellent professional preparation that OU afforded him. He lives in Tulsa with his family.

Charles Perrin of Tulsa - Leadership

Charles Perrin of Tulsa is a successful businessman who founded two companies and served as CEO for both of them. He oversaw the economic growth and reach of both companies, who have since continued to prosper in the energy industry. Prior to this Charles worked for multiple energy companies such as Apache Corporation, Hawkins Oil and Gas, and Sapient Energy Corp. He received his BBA in Energy Management from the University of Oklahoma’s prestigious Energy Management program. The experience he gained from his education and prior work history taught valuable lessons about leadership and how to run successful and profitable businesses the right way.

In 2002, using the important business connections he made and the wisdom he garnered from years of experience in the energy industry, founded the Rockford Energy Partners I along with some former colleagues. As the CEO of the company, Charles Perrin of Tulsa saw the company, grow immensely, obtaining over 200 miles of gas pipelines and 375 wells in the Cherokee Basin. In 2005 Quantum Energy Partners invested $50 million and merged with Rockford Energy Partners I to form Rockford Energy Partners II. Charles served as the CEO for the second version of Rockford Energy Partners, and like the first one, oversaw the economic growth and success of this company.

The success of both companies was in part thanks to Charles Perrin's of Tulsa excellent leadership skills. He understands that besides making your investors happy, it is important to make your employees happy. This creates a good working environment that leads to productivity. He also had the foresight to know that he needed to surround himself the right kind of people who had the same goals as he did. Agreeing to obtain one common goal is essentially as it allows the company to proceed smoothly. Charles Perrin Tulsa organizational skills came in handy as did his ability to make the tough decisions but the correct ones.

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Increasing Your Organizational Skills in the Workplace

Staying organized in the workplace means that you aren’t wasting time during the day wondering where important documents are, or trying to figure out where you are in your numerous “To-Do” lists. It’s easy to get scatterbrained when you’re busy or stressed out, but a lack of systematic organization can harm both the quality of your work as well as your reputation. By staying on top of your game organizationally, you will be able to use your time to the fullest and be known for your high quality of work. Charles Perrin Tulsa, a successful business executive in the oil and natural gas industry, shares that he values the following organizational tactics in his work life.

1. Create organization systems that make sense to you, and stick to them. Take an extra five minutes to ensure that all documents go in the right files, avoiding towering stacks of important information on your desk. Knowing exactly where to find all of your materials and information when you need them will save you lots of time and minimize unnecessary frustration.

2. Utilize technology to its fullest to help you stay organized on a daily basis. By updating your daily calendar on a smartphone or tablet, and synchronizing all of your machines, you can have access to all of your information regardless of where you are. There will be no chance of forgetting an important meeting or phone call if you have reminders set that will alert you wherever you happen to be in the world.

3. Keep your desk clutter-free. Trash unnecessary information and documents promptly, or place them somewhere when you can act on them quickly.

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