What 5th Grade Is Like

See what 5th grade is like just on this poster!

See what the best grade of Elementary school is like

We do lots of things in 5th grade but i'm going to say the specifics.

We use our computers a lot, and we like never use paper.

When your on your computer you cant just play games when ever you want, actually we don't play games that much. You may get to listen to Pandora but if you don't its not the end of the world. i actually think without paper its a lot more fun, but you have to get used to leaving it at school for the first week. the consequences of not charging your computer is a C.I.T. Mark. i think you should be responsible with what your dong on your computer.

What We Can Use On Our Computers






.All Microsoft Apps


Where 5th Grade Is Located

. 2nd floor

.go down the first steps you see

.go straight and make a left turn

. then go straight again then make a right urn and your in the 5th grade hall hallway