Hassels' Headlines

April 29th, 2016

News You Can Use!

Career Dress Day- our Whole School PBIS reward is dress for the career you may want in the future. This dress for success day will be Tuesday.

MAP Test- We will take the Math MAP test on Tuesday.

Important Dates

May 3rd- Math MAP test/Dress up for your Carreer Day

May 13th- Field trip to the Fermilab

May 17th- Fun Run!

May 20th- Battle of the Books competition

May 30th- NO SCHOOL Memorial Day

June 3rd- Last day of school!

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Fermilab Field Trip

Please turn in the field trip permission slip and $4.00 by Monday! The students will go on the field trip with Mrs. Dowell and our two chaperons Mrs. Emricson and Mr. Rogers on Friday, May13th. The students must wear close toes shoes and bring a sack lunch. They are excited!

We still need VOLUNTEERS!

Help wanted for: America’s Battle of the Books!

All fourth grade classes at Conley are participating in our Battle of the Books competition on Friday, May 20. This game show format will demonstrate their abilities and test their knowledge on the books they have read. We are in need of a few parent volunteers to act as “team guides” in order to help teams follow their battle schedule that day. Due to the way the teams were created we can’t guarantee that you will be with your child’s team. Lunch will be provided after you are done with the students. If you are interested in helping from 8:20am-12:00pm, e-mail me and let me know by May 4. In your e-mail include if you are planning on attending the luncheon. Thanks in advance for your support with this worthwhile reading incentive program.

Summer Ice

See attached flyer about the Summer Ice Program offered through our school district.

Click here for the flyer.

Subject Snapshots


Story- Lost City

Comprehension Skills: Compare and Contrast, Visualize

Conventions: Adverbs

Vocabulary: Greek and Latin Roots, Word Structure

Writing- Legends, Reader Response, Comapre and Contrast essay

Spelling- Double Consonants


Unit 9: Fractions, Decimals and Percents

Social Studies: Earning Income (Theme 2)


This week in literacy, we played a game in guided reading that was like dominoes. there were empty spaces, pictures, definitions , the actual word, and smiley faces. You had to match up the ends with the one that it goes with. We also read our pared selection and discussed the story. Another thing that we did was comparing the two expeditions of the main characters: Hiram Bingham and Katacha Diaz. We are doing a writing prompt about them and how their trips were alike and different. We also did two Kahoots. One is about adverbs that Ava made and the other one was reviewing the story. We also took two tests. One was the reading MAP test and the other test was the week two CCR test.

Mrs. Hassels' Math Class

In math this week, we learned about factions, decimals, and percents.We learned how to convert a fraction into a percent with and without a calculator. One of the most fun games we played this week was a fraction, decimal, and percent concentration game. I played this game with Preston and Caleb. We did some worksheets in our "Student Math Journal." We learned how to get a discount if it is 10% and 25%. This is how you get something that is 10%. Say if you have $30.00. You easily just move the decimal point one spot to the left. For homework, Mrs. Hassels gave us a homemade worksheet! We got to do a study link in class. It was about the marriages people have in the United States per month. Finally, we listened to a lot of videos and songs for this unit. That is what we did in math this week.



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Mrs. Price's Math Class

On Monday we did transitions one transition was with Mrs.Price another was with a partner and the last was by are selves. On Tuesday we did transitions again except with different problems. When Wednesday was here we had no math. On Tuesday we had a math test and after the math test we played Prodigy and Front Row. Friday we did transitions again but math was ten minutes short so we had less time.

Click here to view the vocabulary storyboards.


In writing this week we did a readers response. With our reader responses we switched with somebody and you got to grade it out of 3 points. We also did our history story. The whole class had a very fun time this week in writing especially when we got to grade our peers work.

Social Studies

In social studies we played Quizlet Live which is a game where it automatically puts people on teams and the teams are given animal names like, alpacas and manatees. During the game the groups had to answer the questions correctly or they will be sent back to zero points, and they will have to start all over. While answering every body in the group gets the same question but only one person has the right answer on their screen. The team who wins the game are the people who answered all the questions correctly first. Another thing happened in social studies is that people from First National Bank came in to do a presentation about saving and spending money, needs and wants, long and short term goals, and how long it will take to earn the money for something you want. Everybody got a packet to fill out as we went along and we got to draw a picture and wrote about something that they wanted, but needed to save money to get it. After the presentation was over they gave us pencils, gum, and a ticket for when we go to the bank it will put $5.00 into your bank account.
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This week in P.E.

We had a good week in P.E.On Monday we had running day it was OK. On Tuesday we got to do peaceful playground and that was fun. On Wednesday we did the sit up test the top score in are class is 80 from Ellie.On Thursday we did the paser test was so much fun the top person for that was Jones Brown..This week in P.E was so much fun.On Friday we did fun games and finished the sit up test.

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Today in Art we worked on our self portrait. What you have to do is draw an oval and make a line down the middle and across the face. We also learned about Fred Kahlo and her weird unibrow self portrait.


This week in music we had lots of fun! On Monday we learned about Vivaldi. We listened to his spring song. On Wednesday we did a sheet where we had to draw a picture of 4 things. The 4 things were, spring, birds, stream, and storm. We also played Vivaldi's Spring Song with instruments. That was lots of fun. On Thursday we played Vivaldi's Spring Song over and over again. This time while it was Storm's turn someone went and played with the lights! We had lots of fun this week!