By Jordyn Branz

10 Facts

1. She was swallowed whole at birth by her father Cronus.

2. She was the last child to be regurgitated.

3. Some of her strengths included: modesty, welcoming, and dedication to her job.

4. Her weaknesses were self sacrificing and being unsociable.

5. Hestia and her brother Zeus helped vanish Cronus in the underworld.

6. She was later replaced by Dionysus .

7. She took a vow to remain a virgin.

8. Hestia was not worshiped publicly, but people sacrificed for her.

9. She gave her seat up to Dionysus, so she could attend the sacred fire.

10. Her name means house and hearth.

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Roman Name


Mother and father's Name

Mother's= Rhea

Father's= Cronus


She didn't have any children.


She never married.

Greek Goddess monster of

Hearth and Fire

Why I chose this goddess

I chose this goddess because I admire how she dedicated herself to the job of protecting the hearth and fire. I also admire how she gave up being an Olympian to protect it. Our personalities are alike because we both like fire and, we both like helping people.