The Baker Bunch

Mrs. Baker's 2nd Grade Class - Crozet Elementary School

April 21, 2014

Dear Families,

I will be having back surgery on May 8th. It is minimally invasive surgery on my disc. The new technology is amazing. It will be done on an outpatient basis and I will be coming home the same day! I will need to be out for two weeks and will return the following week to teach half days.

Theresa Belling will be my substitute during this time. She substitutes frequently at Crozet and has served as guest teacher several times in our classroom. She knows the children and is very familiar with our routine. I’m pleased that she is able to serve as guest teacher and she was delighted to be asked. Please know that I am already in the process of writing very detailed lessons plans and will do everything necessary to prepare the children for my time away from class. I am going to miss them!!

I’ll be sending home more information as the time nears. Please feel free to call or write with any questions or concerns.

Love and hugs,