Whats in the food you are eating?

June 12 1893 Evanne McGhiey

The meat packing industry was unsanitary.

What is i told you the meat you are eating was made in a place where washing your hands before they make the food was unheard of? Would you still eat it? these are all questions you should think of before you eat sausage or any packaged meat. And if this isn't bad enough the whole part of the animal was being used for something, nothing would go to waste. The extra meat that was one the floor at the end of the day would be picked up and used. They would have to put chemicals in their meat to make it look like it was fresh. All of this is nasty, do you even know what you are eating? or even what is in your food? become aware before you eat it.
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About the picture above

This is a picture of a meat packing place in Chicago. This place is actually really clean and in good shape. But to think that all of that meat on the floor that has been getting stepped on is going to end up on your dinner table is just nasty. Thing about what you feed your family before its to late...