Dominican Republic/Haiti Collapse

By Brink Rocco and Weston Shanley


Due to recent natural disasters, bad government, and overwhelming racism, these two country's are on the brink of collapse.
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Natural Disasters

In 2010 a 7.0 magnitude earthquake hit Haiti 10 miles west of the country's capital Porte-au-Prince. More then 200,000 Haitians were killed by the massive quake and more then 2.3 million were left homeless. Three years after this event 400,000 people in Haiti still live in make shift camps and unstable shelters. Then in the same year as the earthquake a cholera out break started in October 2010 spreading itself all over the country. This diocese killed 5,968 citizens and has infected over 685,000 more. Because of these natural disasters Haiti refugees have been trying to find shelter in the Dominican republic. However, based on a long conflict between the countries the Dominican Republic refuse to grant citizenship to anybody from Haiti or anybody who is from a Haiti descent despite the fact if they were born in the Dominican Republic.

Bad Government

The Government situation in Haiti is the definition of corrupt. After the earthquake that hit Haiti in 2010 the Haiti government did little to none to help there 2.3 million citizens who did not have homes and even today the government does little to help the 600,000 people of Haiti who still live in make shift camp sites. In fact the government is struggling to meet all the basic needs of all there citizens. The prison system in Haiti tends to be a huge problems. In the case of the St. Marc prison 36 inmates occupies a cell design for 8 leading to hazardous living conditions. The Haiti government also refuses to acknowledges the schooling situation they face. Before the earthquake hit Haiti in 2010 more then halve of the school aged children in Haiti don't attend school resulting in much larger numbers after the quake.


That's not the only reason why these two countries are on the brink of collapse. Another reason is because of the constant racism that is going on between the two. The Dominican Republic has had a dark secret for a while now. Back in the 1800 Haiti was a colony and the Dominican Republic (DR) which had recently claimed its freedom in 1821, was one also. The Haitians invaded the DR and tried to erase them completely. The reason for this was because back in the 16th century the DR was colonized by Spain. Along with sugar, food, water, etc. they brought along racial prejudiced too. Along with that the DR was owned by the french. At the time they were enemy's which caused the tension grow even stronger. Eventually the DR's government wanted to keep whites and blacks separate between the two Countries which was nearly impossible due to the fact that they were right next to each other. and the tension broke into slave revolts and the racism has been there ever since. Just recently the DR has sighed a recent ruling in the court that if you are from Haitian decent you will be deported out of the country. You can see just how much of an influence racism has on people even there own Government. If this continues the DR and Haiti will collapse.

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