Let's Empower Different Learners!

For Academic, Emotional, and Social Success

Judy Lipson is coming to the Doyle Center to share her wisdom!

An increasing number of students have ADHD, anxiety or Asperger's Syndrome and require a specialized set of learning techniques in order to be successful. This workshop will provide you with effective interventions and strategies for helping different learners to succeed.

Academic Success: Students perceived as lazy or unmotivated actually need effective interventions to be engaged. You will learn to understand these students differently and to apply effective strategies.

Emotional Success: Many students experience stress and anxiety. Learn the role of nutrition, sleep, TV, news and many other components that create or reduce stress and anxiety. Experience the calm derived from breath-work, relaxation and meditation.

Empowerment: Learn to empower students and give them a foundation for social skills and to identify the students most at risk for bullying. Discover the verbal, postural and energetic strategies that are also the foundation for students who lack social skills. These techniques and lessons are applicable to people of all ages who need to find their voice.

Empowering Different Learners

Tuesday, March 22nd, 8:30am-3:30pm

Doyle Center, 7272 Wing Lake Road, Bloomfield Hills 48302

Cost: $15.00

Presenter: Judith E. Lipson, M.A., LPC, Spiral Wisdom LLC

SCECHs: 6 hours (Pending)

Audience: K-12 Teachers

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