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April 2013 will go down in our team history as our BIGGEST MONTH EVER! I am THRILLED to say we are a STAR team once again! We sold $21,184 (that is almost as much as a Director team sells!) My goal is to be a STAR team again in May so get ready to do some trunk showin'! There are alot of kudos to give, welcoming of new team members to do & an all month incentive listed at the bottom so be sure to read on!

April Accomplishments

PROMOTIONS: Maggie McDaniel, Senior Stylist, Team Members: Molly Griffin, Amanda Yates & Grace Cooper

TOP IN SALES: Ashley- $6023-Star Seller $100 Credit, 5% commission bonus, qualified

Holly- $3983--5% commission bonus, qualified

Molly-$3263--5% commission bonus, qualified

Maggie-$2387-5% commission bonus, qualified

Stacey-$2013, qualified

Brooke-$1034, qualified

QUALIFIED: Ashley, Holly, Molly, Maggie, Stacey, Brooke, Whitney, Kelley, Amanda

ACTIVE: Ashley, Holly, Molly, Maggie, Stacey, Brooke, Whitney, Kelley, Amanda, Lindsey, Taren, Kelli, Katlyn, Tori, Ashley F, Bridgette, Donya, Eleni


JUMPSTART EARNERS: Brooke & Holly both earned their quick start bonuses this month! AND Holly has earned another jumpstart too! Lots of free shopping going on!


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We have our regular post-it challenge--book a show between now & May 15th, and get an entry to win the Ikat Utility Bag OR the Gitane Tassel Necklace--2 winners will be draw. Now with 2x Glam Points--its time to book in tight!

But I wanted to do something else for the ENTIRE month. SO I will be giving away a Getaway bag (lines 1-2) and here is how to enter:

1. For every $500 you sell, get 1 entry

2. Sell 1500PCV or $2308(make your extra 5%), get 1 entry

3. For every TWO trunk shows you hold in May, get 1 entry

4. BONUS: Sponsor a new stylist and you each get an extra entry!

No need to post anywhere I will keep up via team activity report. So pick up the phone, start dialing for dollars(offer to be someone's personal shopper for Mothers Day) & book shows!

Ashley Stork, Star Stylist & Leader with Stella & Dot

Your fearless leader here! If you need anything--schedule a coaching call, advise, assistance, you know where you find me :) Keep working hard to be the best you can be! Remember your business, your goals, your pace, your way!



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