The Statue Of Liberty


Hey my name is Kyla. I am doing a project for writing and I chose to research The Statue Of Liberty because i wanted to learn more about the Statue Of Liberty.I am in the fourth grade and I am 9 years old.I go to the school van meter Elementary.
The man who sculpted the Statue Of Liberty is Fredric Auguste. The Statue of Liberty is one of the most visited Statue in the country.The Statue Of Liberty is a friend to freedom to millions around the world one other fact is that the Statue Of Liberty celebrated her 100th birthday on october 28, 1986.people of France gave the Statue to the U.S over a hundred years ago in the friendship during the american revelation
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The Statue Of Liberty was finish in july 1884. Statue Of Liberty is 305 feet tall and 6 inches also from the bottom to the top is 154 steps THATS A LOT the Statue of Liberty wights about 450,000. The Statue Of Liberty is a symbol of hope since 1886
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One of the people who built the statue they said that they wanted to restore the monument and built it even better. and inside the statue you can see the torch close up and it is a way better view of the statue on the 10th floor and thats what I research about Statue Of Liberty this was really fun hope that I get to do this again