Technology in the Classroom

Current issues for education

Is technology a useful tool in the EFL classroom?

What is your personal experience/opinion?

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Is there a downside to technology?

  • limited access
  • technical problems and bugs
  • teacher resistance
  • unskilled teachers
  • affordability
  • doesn't always provide wanted 'face to face' communication
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Colaric and Jonassen list three faulty assumptions that can entangle instruction in the Web:

1. That the World Wide Web is a vast library that can be used to convey knowledge.

2. That searching and finding information on the Web equals learning.

3. That hyperlinking is good instruction. (Bates, 2003, p. 198)

Taken from:

The Internet TESL Journal: More Productive Use of Technology in the ESL/EFL Classroom -Michael Morgan morganmj(at) University of Detroit Mercy (Detroit, Michigan, USA)

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What Is Educational Technology?

Benefits of technology in the ESL/EFL classroom

  • students perceive technology as something useful in their studies
  • it is motivating for learners
  • promotes autonomous learning (potential to use as in a flipped classroom)
  • can promote critical thinking skills
  • can provide opportunities for collaborative learning
  • real life learning
  • can create cultural understanding

Do you know this terminology?

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In case you missed the answers, here are the answers:

  • digital literacy
  • CALL
  • MALL
  • interactive whiteboard
  • blended learning
  • BYOD-bring your own device
  • IALL-internet assisted language learning
  • OER-open education resources
  • TESOL—Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages

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So how can we use technology more productively?

  • If you are part of the process of acquiring new technology -be shrewd in your choice.
  • Always investigate new media to see if it is suitable for classroom use. Too much focus on the Web obscures the deeper processes of learning ESL/EFL. Sometimes teachers should “let the bits go” (Hurst, 2007, p. 167).
  • Be conscious of how the new media changes/influences TESOL teaching.
  • Set your English teaching objectives before selecting any tools of technology.

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