May 2016

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Monthly Specials

dōTerra has another month of incredible promotions! Enjoy 10% off of Spa Hand & Body Lotion.

Are you on the Loyalty Rewards Program? This month the product of the month is a 15 ml bottle of Cedarwood, which you can get for FREE, if you put in a 125 product value order by the 15th. Remember, only one POM per account.

But it only gets better! This month a "Refreshing Twist," is going on. Anyone that puts in a 200 pv order will receive a 5 ml bottle of Cardamom, 15 ml bottle of Breathe, Breathe Vapor Stick, and Breathe Respiratory Drops. Put that 200 pv order in on LRP before the 15th and you will also get the Cedarwood for FREE!

They have extended the "In Bloom" promotion until May 15th. Take advantage of this promotion to qualify for a free Jasmine and/or Rose oil. Follow the link for further details!

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Loyalty Rewards

Being on the Loyalty Rewards Program has additional incentives. Some of these incentives include: earning points towards free products, getting commission and taking advantage of the Product of the Month!

But to ensure everyone understands what they need to qualify for each of these incentives, here is a breakdown: You need 1pv per month to maintain your points and percentages, 50PV to earn more points and percentages, 100PV to qualify for commissions, and 125PV before the 15th of the month to earn the product of the month.

Learn more about the Loyalty Rewards Program!

doTERRA University provides information for everyone! Whether you are just starting out or you have been with doTERRA for awhile, you will find information that will help you learn and grow.

A Special Gift for Mother's Day

Are you looking for the perfect gift for your Mom? Look no further! For a limited time, you can get this beautiful purple satchel which will hold all of your mom's favorite oils. It also comes with a 5 ml bottle of Lavender and a 5 ml bottle of Citrus Bliss.

Limit 4 per account

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Advice for New Wellness Advocates

Corey Lindely- Advice for New Wellness Advocates

Recipes & DIY

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What's new in doterra

The new Beta site is up and launched. Check it out! doTERRA has made it even easier to find everything we need in one place. Learn all about the new site here:

Beta site:

Did you see Emily Wright and volunteers went to Nepal to check out the new Wintergreen Distillery while on the dōTERRA Healing Hands Foundation™ Nepal Wintergreen Co-Impact Sourcing Expedition. Volunteers helped harvest Wintergreen, and helped build a new school that was destroyed in the April 2015 earthquake. To learn more about the Healing Hands Foundation, head over here:

2016 Spring Tour

"Set aside an evening for Spring Cleaning Your Body! Don’t miss out on the opportunity to join dōTERRA Executives, scientists and corporate presenters as we share product tips and information on how to keep yourself and your family healthy this season." -doTERRA

Events and further details can be located here:

2016 Convention

If you are new to doTERRA or simply haven't had the chance to go, Convention is an experience you don't want to miss. Convention is full of incredible information about the oils and products available as well as a place to test out different products. This four day event is packed full of excitement and will be on Septemeber 14-17th. You must register for this event.

More information and registration at:

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2017 Incentive Trip

Don't forget to share! Every year doTERRA provides Wellness Advocates with a chance to qualify for their Incentive Trip. Where is it you ask? Cancun, Mexico! Thats right and all you have to do is share and enroll people with a 100 pv or more to rack up points. Enrollments are counted from February 1st- July 31st 2016.

You can find more information and standings for this event at:

Shout Outs!

It is the start of a new month, but you guys killed it last month! So many classes, people enrolling and lots of promotions!

Congratulations to the top enrollers of the month, Erin Loy and Lindsay Volz! These sisters rocked it this month!

We also had enrollments from: Tara Dreiling, Jennie Steinmetz and Jillian Clark. Thank you everyone for your hard work holding classes and one-on-ones.



Tara Dreiling

Cheryl Bradfield

Congratulations to all of you that promoted! Keep sharing about the amazing benefits of essential oils.

essentially Empowered Events

Visit the calendar for upcoming events! Specific events will be added this week!

dōTERRA Spring Cleaning Your Body Tour 2016