Battles of Texas Revolution

Battle of Gonzales

October2,1835,rebellious Texans and Mexican soldiers clashed in the small town of Gonzales . This small skirmish would have would have much larger consequences as its considered to be the 1st battle of Texas war of independence from Mexico . It resulted 11 dead Mexican but no other casualties.

Battle of Goliad

On March 27, 1836, Mexican soldiers shot more than 400 Texans outside of Goliad. Those executed included James Fannins troops as well as Texas soldiers captured outside of Goliad. When the firing began a few of the Texans ran and escaped and some survived it.

Battle of Velasco

June 2,1832 In a armed prelude to the Texas Revolution , the battle of Velasco marked the 1st bloodshed in the then deteriorating relations between Texas and Mexico . In the conflict ,the Mexican commander in charge of a fort at the town of Velasco, attempted to block attempts by the Texans to transport a cannon for possible use against Mexico forces at nearby Anuhac . After several days of fighting , the Texans under John Austin and Henry Smith prevailed when the Mexicans exhausted their ammunition.

Battle of San Jacinto

April 21,1836 was a defining battle of the Texas Revolution. Santa Anna unwisely divided his force to mop up those Texans still in rebell after battle of Alamo and the Goliad Massacre . Sam Houston reached San Jacinto river, battle happened Santa Anna was captured and forced to sign the treaty , ending the war.

Battle of Coleto

March 6, 1836, colonel James Fannin , with about 400 soldiers mostly volunteered from the US in Texas war for independence, was ordered by the Texas war for independence was ordered by general Sam Houston to retreat Goliad to Victoria. They faced several times there number. The Fannin men surrendered of fear of being in prison in civilized nation.Fannin men were marched out and massacred on palm Sunday under order of Santa Anna.

Battle of Refugio

3rd battle of the Goliad campaign . Texans inflicted heavy casualties ,but split there forces and retreated, ending in capture . About 50 Texans killed and 98 captured with some later execution 29 spared as labors survivors sent to Goliad and possibly 80-100 Mexican casualties with 50 wounded.