Dance Aerobics

About three times a week for two hours of dance aerobics can achieve the desired results, but in order to lose weight and permanently fix the result appropriately combining aerobics with exercises in the gym.

Kyle Leon Scam - Dance aerobics provides principles movements performed during lessons. One of the tenets - insulation - is that only one such body movements involved in the performance, and one joint, but another part of him at this time is different immobility. Principle aerobics - animation - based on several components of only one movement that will perform at a rhythm of music. Dance aerobics attractive by the fact that it can engage the accompaniment of the music you like.

Ki-Bo - If we look for breathing exercises, to strengthen the system of coordination, the perfect aerobics Ki-Bo; this kind of aerobics, which includes taekwondo, karate and kickboxing; to engage Ki-Bo, do not need to have special knowledge, do not need any special physical training, enough to have the desire to learn how to move and breathe evenly.

Workouts Ki-Bo does not involve large loads - it is rather, breathing exercises included are some lessons from the dance gymnastics, as well as some elements of martial arts. Exercising combat aerobics can develop strength and endurance, as well as acquire flexibility in movement, lose weight, feel better. With eastern skills can master the art of self-defense, reduce the risk of colds.