6 Bad Habits of School Kids

Health Edition

1. Oh, no! I forgot to go to sleep!

Conflicting Viewpoint: You need to rest your brain. It needs time to regroup and remember all of the awesome stuff you learned! Get some sleep by going to bed at a decent time!
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2. Pizza Rolls for breakfast? And lunch? And dinner?

Conflicting Viewpoint: Getting a balanced diet is very important for both growth and development. It's important to eat healthy.
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3. The mile? Yeah no, not doing that.

Conflicting Viewpoint: Exercise is not only important for your overall body development, it can also help with your brain function.
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4. I don't need a weapon to protect myself from ogres. I have a backpack.

Conflicting Viewpoint: Carry a backpack that weighs more than you is really bad for your back. Lighten it by taking out things that are not a necessity.
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5. What do you mean there's no Wifi here?

Conflicting Viewpoint: Work in a schedule when using electronic devices. Make them a privilege, not a "have to have".
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Conflicting Viewpoints: Be smart. Cover your mouth when you cough or sneeze. Don't share drinks or food with people. Keep your germs to yo self!
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