Watch Ultimate Frasketball


Watch Ultimate Frasketball During the Summer Olympics For YOUR CHANCE TO WIN BIG!

All you have to do is watch Ultimate Frasketball during the Olympics for your chance to WIN BIG!

Text 2 Win Free Stuff!

Friday, June 8th 2012 at 9pm

London, United Kingdom


Watch Ultimate Frasketball and win BIG! See above for details!

How to Win!

Every Ultimate Frasketball Game shown will have 3 WINNERS! Text ILOVEFRASKETBALL to 90210 after the first whistle of every period. Also everyone that text during any part of the game will be entered in a lottery until the last game to win a NEW MERCEDES BENZ. The more you text the better chance you have. (Limit 10 entries) The first person to text during the periods of a Ultimate Frasketball game will receive a $500 gift card to Ralph Lauren or Apple of their choosing.

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