The largest country in South America

Landforms and climate

It is one of the most biodiverse countries in the nation. With the exception of Chile and Ecuador, Brazil's border touches every South American country.The majority of Brazil is dominated by the Amazon Basin. Besides its mountain regions. They have an average elevation of 3,300 ft. Brazil has annual temperatures during the day ranging from 80 to 90 degrees Fahrenheit.


Portuguese is the worlds seventh most commonly used language. Most Brazilians speak this. Language is an important part of brazils cultural identity. Brazil is the largest Roman Catholic country in terms of population. In brazil skin color is not the only factor that categorizes people. This is because Brazil has a huge group of races from white to black.

Food And Holidays

In Brazil most people rely on black beans, rice, and cassava. There are many popular dishes in Brazil such as carucu, which includes red peppers, okra, and shrimp. They also have special meals for certain days or events, one being Feijoada. This is a meal for Sunday afternoons. Major holidays celebrated in Brazil include Independence Day, Carnaval which begins the Saturday before Ash Wednesday and lasts 4 days. Other holidays include Cirio de Nazare which is a two week festival held in October.

Compatability Score

I would have to give Brazil a grade compatability score of a B- because they are alike and different in certain ways. Brazil and the US are two of the most racially diverse countries, this has been proven. The are both very large and have similar climates. They also share similar holidays such as Independence Day. They are also both very well off in riches.