Early Learners Highlights

April 22, 2022

Dear Early Learners Families,

What a celebration this week was! It was lovely having so many of you join us for our special Spring Family Event. I can clearly remember the years my girls were in preschool, and how proud and excited they were to show me everything (and I mean everything!) in the classroom. I'd get the rundown of all their favorite things, and then be strategically told where to sit so we could play. Inevitably my girls would play more with their friends than they did with me, but their joy and excitement from being in the classroom together was always at the forefront. Those same feelings filled all our classrooms this week, and the excitement from all of our students was definitely contagious!

With only 6 weeks left of school, we are gearing up to start our ABC Countdown next Wednesday! Students will have a fun activity each day that matches a letter in the alphabet. Check out the first set of days below, and join is in counting down to your child's next school experience!

Have a wonderful weekend,


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Upcoming Pre-K Events

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What's Happening in Early Learners?

This week we wrapped up our spring unit with a focus on insects and Earth Day. Our Caterpillars finally built their chrysalises, and now we wait for our butterflies to come out! We also watched our lima bean plants grow taller stems and sprout some leaves. Now that they've gone home, you can continue to watch their progress!

Our family event was a highlight of the week. We loved having so many of you come in to paint flower pots and enjoy several other spring activities. The kids loved getting to have a special grown up come to school with them!

Next week we are excited to start our family unit in the classes. With the year starting to come to an end, we will also begin our ABC countdown next week. Keep an eye on the calendar to know the letter theme for each day!

Upcoming Dates

May 4 - Pre-K Music Concert at 5:30

May 2-6 - Teacher Appreciation Week

May 30 - No School

May 31 - Pre-K Graduation at 5:30

June 2 - Last Day Early Learners

Keep in touch!

Janet Gruenwald

Assistant Principal

South Park Elementary School

Program Director District 109 Early Learners