Appy/Web 2.0 Hour: Inverted!

Technology Tools By The People For the People

Audience--LED Technology Presentation

Welcome to the Appy/Web 2.0 Hour: Inverted where the audience creates and presents technology in one hour! You will group up, brainstorm, share our tools and then create 2 slides of 2 different tools to present.

Guaranteed to be Fun!

How is the Session Organized?

1. See your group number on the table. This s your group number and the order you will present.
2. Elect a recorder for the group, this will be the only person who will add to the Google Form.
3. Brainstorm apps and/or web tools you might want to share! Add them to the Google Form quickly, now open up this Spreadsheet Link to make sure another team has not beaten you to the app or web tool you selected.
4. Once you have two apps or web tools selected and approved, add them to the Appy/Web 2.0 Hour: Inverted Presentation
5. Choose a presenter(s) for the group and get ready to present your 2 tools.

Links to Help You Find Apps and Web 2.0 Tools