Media Creating

Practice saving files-uploading files-renaming files

Step 1:

Use Google Drawing

In Google Classroom:

- open the assignment

-click "create"

--then drawing

Step 2:

Learn Google Drawing basic formatting

  • word art
  • text box
  • shapes
  • lines
  • background color- picture

Step 3- Creating a Meme

Find the assignment "Creating a meme" in GClassroom

Open-the GoogleForm

Answers the questions

(submit when done)

or use the link for the form below

Step 4- use picture below of Christopher Columbus

  • use the picture to create a meme
  • be creative
  • don't copy something from the internet
  • try matching fonts- shading fonts with shapes

Use Google Drawing to save as picture files--> .jpg & .png

We will vote for class favorite -when they are all turned in.
Big picture