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WSMB Band Camp 2020

THANK YOU to ALL the parents, students, staff, nurses, and volunteers for their hard work this week making our Band Camp a huge success. The hours of effort and work have greatly benefited the organization, and we could not do it without everyone!


Thank you Ben Rupp for the Photos and Video!

Video Final Run WSMB 2020 Band Camp


Please check the booster calendar for all dates for the season found below. All dates are still good for the moment EXCEPT there will be NO Friday night commitments for football this year. Times will be adjusted accordingly. The times, dates, and places for this week (8/17) are below:

Monday 8/17

  • Winds & Percussion
  • Location: Cedar Cliff High School
  • 5-9pm

Tuesday 8/18

  • Guard
  • Location: Cedar Cliff High School
  • 5-9pm

Thursday 8/20

  • Full Ensemble (Percussion, Guard, & Winds)
  • Location: Cedar Cliff High School
  • 5-9pm

Saturday 8/22

  • Full Ensemble (Percussion, Guard, & Winds)
  • Location: Cedar Cliff High School
  • 9am - 1pm

Once the school year officially starts, we will be back to 6-9pm rehearsals.

We know that some people have had concerns regarding the revised scheduled. We know that this may make it difficult for some families. If there is an issue, please contact/email your child's director.

Percussion - Mr Clements: gclements@wssd.k12.pa.us

Guard - Aylin Vural: wssdcg15@gmail.com

WInds: Mr. Starrett: rstarrett@wssd.k12.pa.us or Mr. Magaro amagaro@wssd.k12.pa.us

From our director:

I would like to take a moment to mention a few things as we finish a very successful band camp today. First and foremost is a heartfelt thank you to our dedicated teaching staff and boosters who have done a remarkable job teaching our students and supporting any and all needs, and doing so within the WSSD guidelines for safety.

Our adults are the models, and we have a great group setting good examples for our students to follow. And speaking of the students, they have been outstanding with following safe protocols, using masks, sanitizing hands and equipment, staying distant, and working hard on their show. It is not easy to remember all of the guidelines, all of the time, but after 6 days of camp, it is clear we are doing an excellent job with safety. This is not to say that we can’t do better and improve in areas. I reiterated to the entire band last night, that the more we get together to practice and perform, the easier it will be to forget safety protocols.

So, it will be important for all of us to not only be diligent and consistent with our individual responsibilities, but we must also help each other by reminding to follow the guidelines, and not become defensive when reminded. Emotions can get the best of us, even in the best of times, let alone during a pandemic. What we are doing, with what we have, is absolutely essential for the health and welfare of our students. Along those lines, in order to keep safety as the priority, I must remind that parents are not to attend rehearsals to watch the band.

I completely understand the desire to do so, especially when it is such a popular thing to do during a normal season. It is my plan to have videos of rehearsals accessible to everyone so you can see how things are progressing. The dates on our booster calendar are still in effect, with the exception of Friday nights. If football is allowed to happen, both band and cheerleaders are not permitted to attend.

In closing, I think it is extremely important to stay focused on being grateful. I realize that may be difficult to do, but at this point, we are able to provide our students with a worthwhile experience that closely resembles what we normally do. I know of some bands who are not permitted to do anything at all. Thank you for trusting us with your children. I take nothing for granted over the fact that just being together to make music is a significant achievement.

With gratitude,

Mr. Starrett


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Online Registration

Please check the link below to see if you officially registered with the WSMB/School:

2020 Marching Band Registration

If you have not registered or need more info, please look at the previous newsletter:

Registration Information

Medical Forms

  • MUST be turned in this week

School Activity Fee

  • If you haven't turned in a check for this, please hold on
  • The district is working on creating an online option
  • Because of our season, we are seeing if we might be able to modify the school activity payment
  • We have not cashed these checks yet if you have turned them in

Marching Band Registration

  • We are asking families to pay your registration fee if you haven't done so
  • We are holding checks that have been turned in to cash until next week
  • Registration goes towards purchased gear, t-shirts, and other expenses.
  • We are still having a season and we are going to do our best to provide a great experience. for our kids

Questions & Concerns

Please email me at amagaro@wssd.k12.pa.us

West Shore Marching Band Summer/Fall Schedule

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