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December 17, 2021

Good afternoon DCS!

WOW! It is hard to believe this will be the last newsletter of 2021! I wish everyone a Happy Holiday and Happy New Year!

WPS PreK-4 Handbook


Remember to go directly to your child's teacher for any questions, concerns, positive feedback, or for information about the school day.


We will be using #dcsanchors all over social media. Look for it on twitter, Facebook, and Instagram!

Have a great weekend!

Happy Holidays and Happy New Year!

Mr. Morrone, Proud Principal of DCS!

Celebrating Accountable Independent Reading Homework in Grade's 3 and 4


Grade 3

By: Kara S.


All the answers by: Kate Messner

Prompt: Summarize the passage/chapter

What is the key event and what is inportant to the story?

response: A girl named Ava had a math test at school. She looked for a pencil the junk drawer and found one it was a ordinary pencil. It was bright blue with yellow lettering that spelled out "Ever Quest". When Ava went to school she had a math test. The teacher asked "what is the formula to find the circumference of a circle"? She wrote it down on a pice of paper with her pencil. A voice came into her head and said, "Two Pir" No one eles herd it. no one was wispering it it was just a voice! There was another question asked. Ava did not write it down and no ovic came until she wrote it down and the voice said the anser!

Praise! Wow! This sounds like a great start to the book! I can tell you understand what you read!

Push! Be sure to check your spelling when you are done! :)

Grade 4

By Rose M.


Help the honey bees by Grace Hansen


is about bees pollinating plants and flowers. For example in the text it says "when bees fly to the next plan, they leave pollen behind. This fertilizes the plant. This is called pollination." Anothe example, bees have like a little pouch on there leg and it picks up pollen and when the bee goes to anothe plant the some pollen falls off on the plant. To sum up, honey bees help plants grow by pollination.

Praise! Excellent entry. I love how you quoted the text.

Push! Let's work on capitalizing your title.

Attendance UPDATE

The realistic goal is to have less than 5% chronically absent, but ultimately 0%. Chronically absent is defined as being out 10% of the days in school. This data impacts our STAR rating. Currently, we are at 12% chronically absent. Currently, we have the top 35 schools of all RI schools. Keep up the great work!
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Battle of the Books Royal Court

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Get Yours Today Before They're Gone!

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Dunn’s Corners School Community Giving Tree

Monday, Dec. 6th, 8am to Friday, Dec. 17th, 4pm

8 1/2 Plateau Road

Westerly, RI

Dunn's Corners School students will be making a difference in the lives of local youth this holiday season by donating GIFT CARDS to the Jonnycake Center. In coordination with other agencies, the Jonnycake Center will distribute these gift cards to local families. Each of these agencies have long lists of children whose holiday wishes may go unfulfilled. We can make a difference in their lives!

A marked “Giving Tree” envelope will be in every classroom for the gift cards to be placed in by the student.

Need Some Suggestions?

Chain Stores: Walmart, Target, Game Stop, or Stop & Shop

Or Go Local: Remy’s Cycle, Ray Willis Toys, Alley Katz, Get Fired Up, or Mel’s Downtown Creamery

Questions? Please contact Kelly O’Neil at kmcall729@aol.com

Click here to see a copy of the flyer.

Living Laboratories: An After-school Hands-on Enrichment

Collect & Craft

Get outside and hands-on. Learn how to forage in the forest, identify local species, and build a nature-inspired craft, thereby becoming better stewards of our environment. Participants will be bussed from school to WLT's Wahaneeta Preserve.

Grade K - Grade 2: January 5th

Click here to sign up!

Grade 3 - Grade 4: January 6th

Click here to sign up!

Questions: lbarber@westerlylandtrust.org or 401.315.2610

Free of charge thanks to funding provided through a partnership with SRICD and WPS!

Important News For Bus Riders

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Need some help? Look no further.

Below are some resources you or someone you know may need. If you miss a resource, they will be displayed again in the future or you could reach out to the Parent Liaison, Nicole Esposito.

Heating Assistance: Visit the link below to apply for assistance paying your heating bill.


Kids Link: This is a hotline that operates 24/7. You can call if your child is feeling excessive anger or sadness, lashing out, having severe worries, or hurting themselves or others.


Rent Relief RI: This is a free program that helps renters and landlords in the state of RI.

This program will provide rental and utility relief payments to help eligible renters maintain housing stability. Contact information is below.



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You can also call 401-333-7250

Picture Re-take Day

Tuesday, Dec. 21st, 9-11am

8 1/2 Plateau Road

Westerly, RI

Dress to impress for picture re-takes.

Anyone Need a Library Card?

If you are interested in getting library cards, you simply need to stop by the library and fill out the application. In order to complete the application, you will need a valid photo id with current proof of address. There is also a link on our website under the "Check It Out" tab. Check out the library website by clicking here.

Ready to Learn

Kindergarten: Instead of talking about it, it's more fun to show you. Check out the photos below.

Is your child not in Kindergarten? Check back next week. Every week a different grade gets a turn.

BOKS (Build Our Kid's Success)

The BOKS Burst Weekly Activities, found in the September Fitness Calendar, are meant to get you and your kids up and moving throughout the day. Studies show that daily movement breaks increase focus, improve mood, and have many added health benefits. Let's all get moving this week with the below bursts!

Please click here to see the December Fitness Calendar. If you click an activity on the calendar, it will bring you to a YouTube video explaining the activity.

Click here for more detailed instructions on Week Three.

Click here to download a Winter Fun Pack filled with more than 30 activities to keep moving this winter and engage ALL members of the family.

Westerly Police Helping Families in Need

The message below is from the Westerly Police Department Facebook page:

As we start December, we have released our newest patch for a cause. December's patch is our first ever holiday patch. The men and women of the Westerly Police Department will be seen around town wearing our new patch on their uniform. All the money raised from the sale of this patch will be used to purchase toys for our annual toy drive for needy kids in our community this Christmas season. This patch is for sale for $15 each and can be ordered on our online store. Thank you to everyone who has helped make this a huge success.


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See for yourself!

Lost & Found

We have lots of items in our lost and found. If your child is missing something, tell them to go look for their missing items. If they need help, have them stop by the main office for assistance.
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Haga clic aquí para ver el folleto en español.

Click here to see the flyer in Spanish.


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