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Excellent firms don't believe in excellence -- only in constant improvement and constant change.

Tom Peters, writer and management consultant

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Well, another great week around the schoolhouse for the Vikings! I hope you have all been enjoying this gorgeous weekend. Thank you to CLETA & CLASS for the generous pizza lunch this past week! Such a nice break toward the end of the week!

As we get back into a new week, here is 1 reminder & and 1 update.


8th Grade - 80% Summative/20% Formative

7th Grade - 70% Summative/30% Formative

6th Grade - 60% Summative/40% Formative

The grades you enter into your gradebook should reflect one of two categories - either formative or summative. Formative should be all of your homework, quizzes, classwork, and any assessments FOR learning - everything that drives your instruction. Summative, on the other hand, is everything that can be considered an assessment OF learning - a final evaluation of what the student learned.

Additionally, we do offer re-takes here at RBMS. This has been an ongoing discussion, and I offer here a few general rules of thumb: 1.) Re-takes are offered on assessments either formative or summative; 2.) New score replaces the old score; 3.) Students must complete a Re-Take Contract (created by teams); 4.) Students should arrange to complete a re-take no later than two weeks after the original assessment. TIP: Consider offering re-takes ONLY for scores under an 80% B.

UPDATE: Certified Teacher Evaluation Cycle

This week, you should begin receiving invitations from your administrator to sit down and set up your first cycle of observations, including the initial check-in for your SLO goal. SLO goals for certified teachers are to be submitted no later than October 7th (with the exception of Encore/PE teachers, for whom admin will be sitting down and going over with as well).

A Look at the Week

Monday, 9/19

XC Meet @ Parkland

D47 Board Meeting @ RBMS - 7:00pm

Tuesday, 9/20

Volleyball Match @ Northwood


Wednesday, 9/21

XC Meet @ Heineman

Thursday, 9/22

Kids Deserve It Book Chat (Ch. 3 & 4)- 6:50am and 2:20pm, Tchr's Lounge

Volleyball - Home vs. HBMS

Friday, 9/23

7 Bruins to Three Oaks

7 Hawkeyes to Stream

PST - All Day

Saturday, 9/24

ILMEA Concert & Jazz Bands - Mendota, IL

City League Volleyball @ RBMS


September 28 - Early Release Day (School Improvement/PBIS Focus)

September 30 - September All-School Assembly; 1:00pm

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