Tablet Philosophy

Jenna Van Dyke's Tablet Philosophy

Are tablets integral in the classroom?

Yes! Tablets allow students to work from home with e-learning, be able to be used as a motivational tool, and allows teachers to design curriculum based on a student's individual needs.

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Do teachers need to be well-versed in technology and tablet use?

Teachers need to be able to be well-versed in tablet use so they are able to problem solve at a moments notice if technology doesn't go the way they want for a lesson. If a teacher pre-assigns work for a class, he or she needs to be able to help students if they don't understand.
ISTE-S Standards

The standard that applies to my philosophy with future students is number four which enables students to gain critical thinking and problem solving skills through tablet use.

ISTE-T Standards

The standard that applies to my tablet philosophy is standard number one because I will facilitate and inspire student learning and creativity in my future classroom through tablet use.

How will students with exceptional needs benefit from tablet use?

Can tablets be bad for a classroom?

  • Students could be distracted and use tablet for non-classroom work.
  • If the tablet doesn't have a physical keyboard, it would be harder to keep up with notes in a lecture.
  • The tablet would have to be charged enough for a class period so students don't miss out on learning if it dies.
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