Bella Vista Staff Bulletin

06/01/2015 v.1 issue 31

Quote of the week

Publilius Syrus (86 BC – 43 AD), Latin writer of maxims
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We Learn!

Year-End Instructional Expectations and Reminders

For most students, there are eight days of instruction left (for 5th graders, there are four). Hundreds of minutes remain for students to engage in meaningful learning experiences that will help them master the Common Core State Standards in ELA and Math at their grade level.

Though these last days will also be filled with celebrations and other fun activities, we must remain committed to high-quality instruction, including:

  • daily Reading Workshop with an emphasis on improving the teaching practices reflected in the goals we set in May
  • daily Writing Workshop where all students produce meaningful text everyday
  • math instruction that includes time for both computation and problem solving in real world contexts
  • sustained Academic Discussions (15 minutes in most grades) across the content areas

Expectations for Chromebook Usage

More students are using Chromebooks in their classrooms. We have four carts with 10 Chromebooks and three carts with a classroom set of Chromebooks.

Though it may be tempting to allow students to use them in the classroom exclusively for educational games, at this point in the year students need to build muscle in other areas:

The last day to check out Chromebook carts is Monday, June 8.

We Live!

Final Prop 39/Charter School Co-Location Update

  • Following a passionate plea from a coalition of teachers, parents and community members that focused on student safety and the need for a secure play space, our District decided to rescind its offer to American Indian Model Schools to co-locate on our campus next year.
  • Instead, the District plans to demolish most of the portables this summer. Once Ms. Phillips meets with the project manager, she will share important timeline information with faculty and staff.
  • To commemorate this victory and to recognize the efforts of everyone who united for this cause, there will be a special celebration picnic on Wednesday, June 10, starting at 3:00 on the upper yard. Following the picnic, we will head to the Board of Education meeting and thank the District for its commitment to our school.

Planning for the 2015-2016 School Year – Part 2

Here are some of the highlights about staffing, room utilization and the bell schedule for next year:

  • There will be 15 Gen Ed classrooms (down from 18 this year). There will be four multi-grade combination classes and only one TK class instead of two.
  • Assuming that most portables will be demolished, only TK/Kindergarten classes will remain outside. Grades 1-2 will be on the main floor and grades 3-5 will be on the top floor.
  • In order to comply with required PE instructional minutes, the morning recess for grades 3-5 and the afternoon recess for grades 1-3 will be replaced with PE instruction.

More details will be released later this week.

Congratulations to Ms. Nina!

Last Friday, EBAYC took about 40 students to Chabot College in Hayward to watch Ms. Nina graduate. The students were very proud and cheered loudly when her name was called. It's never too early to start kids thinking about college and career!

Nitro Trail Race/Walk/Jog/Run

Twenty staff members from Bella Vista & EBAYC completed a 5K (3.1 miles) or 10K (6.2 miles) on Saturday. Although it was cool and foggy at the start, everyone had a good time, earned a GIANT medal, ate lots of treats at the finish line, and built on relationships in an off campus location! Click here to see more photos. More will be added throughout the week.
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End of Year Celebrations

  • EBAYC Spring Showcase-Fri 06/05 @ 6:00 BV Auditorium
  • Mobile Dairy Classroom (grades TK-4) -Thu 6/4 @ 9:00/10:00 BV Upper Yard
  • 5th Grade Promotion -Tue 6/9 @ 1:30 Oakland HS Theater
  • Staff Year-End Potluck -Wed 6/10 @ 1:45 Room 11
  • 5th Grade Dance -Wed 6/10 @ 4:00 BV Auditorium
  • Kindergarten Promotion -Thu 6/11 @ 9:15 BV Auditorium
  • TK Celebration-to be announced

We Achieve!

Improvements in Student Attendance

  • After reaching a high of 16.2% after Spring Break, our school’s chronic absence rate is still at an unacceptable level (15.6% as of May 21).
  • While Ms. Brenda, Ms. Vaca and Nurse Natasha are making contact with families with 15+ absences to find out why they are absent and to make a plan to help them get students to school everyday, they cannot do it alone.
  • Many teachers have partnered with the attendance team to combat chronic absence, but we do not have 100% cooperation from all teachers.
  • We will not achieve our year-end goal of decreasing chronic absence to 9.8 percent.
  • Next year we will develop a schoolwide culture of attendance by establishing an Attendance Team that will be responsible for family engagement and support, recognition and incentives, data analysis, and policies and procedures.

Walkathon Results

  • This was the second year that we held the Walkathon during school hours; our goals were to promote physical activity and raise money for our school.
  • While we were excited to see students firing up their feet and walking dozens of laps around the lower yard or the perimeter of our campus, we did not meet our fundraising goal of $5,000.
  • Mr. Stone’s class and Mrs. Cho’s class will earn class parties for most permission slips and most money raised, respectively.
  • Fifteen students will earn Jamba Juice gift cards for being the top walker in their class.
  • The top prize winners will be announced Monday afternoon.

Spring Assessments

  • Assessments must be taken off campus to be scanned.
  • All scan sheets be turned in by Friday, June 5 at 12:30 PM.

  • Thank you Ms. Adrienne and Ms. Seaberg for coordinating the baby shower for Zarah deVera. We know her twin sons will enjoy all of their gifts!

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Mon., June 1

  • Final LESSON PLANS DUE FROM: Cho, Chu, Gibbons, Lee, C. Nguyen, Prchlik, Duffy-Olsson, Smith, Takeuchi, Webb, Xiao and Yang
  • 3:00 PBIS Planning Team Meeting (room 11)

Tues., June 2

  • Field Trip – Lakeview Library (Thai)
  • 4:00 Oakland School Safety Patrols Pass In Review (Scottish Rite Center)

Weds., June 3

  • 11:30 In-Class Visits from Lakeview Library Children’s Librarian
  • 2:15 Teacher PLC Meetings (Assessment Scoring, 2015-2016 Class Formation)
  • 3:30 OEA Membership Meeting/Vote on the Tentative Agreement (Oakland High School)

Thurs., June 4

  • Field Trip – Exploratorium (O’Brien, Seaberg & Student Council, Thai, Webb)
  • 8:30 Vision to Learn Delivers Eyeglasses to Eligible Students
  • Mobile Dairy Classroom Visit (upper yard)
  • 9:00 Grades TK-1 (recess at 10:00)
  • 10:00 Grades 2-4 (recess at 9:40)
  • 1:30 Coordination of Services Team meeting (room 11)

Fri., June 5

  • Last Day for Literacy Intervention Groups
  • Last Day for ELD Classes
  • 10:30 Earthquake/Fire Drill
  • 6:00 EBAYC Jammy Jam (Auditorium)

Next Week

Mon., June 8

street sweeping

  • Final LESSON PLANS DUE FROM: : Chen, Garcia, Hansen, Lew, Morente, V. Nguyen, O’Brien, Rajanikanth, Schooling, Stone, Tai, Thai and Ung
  • Field Trip – Oakland Ice Center (O’Brien, Tai, Thai and Webb)
  • 2:55 Faculty Meeting for OEA Members

Tues., June 9

street sweeping

  • 1:30 Fifth Grade Promotion Ceremony (Oakland High School)

Weds., June 10
  • 1:45 Staff End-of-Year Potluck (room 11)
  • 4:00 Fifth Grade Dance (Auditorium)

Thurs., June 11
  • 9:00 Kindergarten Promotion Ceremony (Auditorium)
  • 11:30 TK Celebration (lower yard)

Fri., June 12