Wolf Pack Weekly

October 30, 2020

Our Pivot to Vista Virtual

All Classic classes at MVHS pivoted back to the Virtual model on Thursday, and we will remain in the Vista Virtual learning environment until Monday, November 9th.

The decision to pivot was made at the special board meeting on Tuesday during which the board took action to establish a threshold at all comprehensive middle and high schools: if two COVID-19 positive cases are identified at one individual school, this will initiate an immediate pivot for Vista Classic students and staff to Vista Virtual at the impacted school. MVHS has two positive cases now.

It is important to note that the decision to pivot was made primarily due to staffing challenges in finding available substitutes to cover classes of quarantined teachers as well as staff members who call in absences to work.

As we pivot back to Virtual learning, we remain steadfast in our commitment to provide high-quality, relevant and engaging learning experiences for all students.

Dr. Doyle released two community updates last week, both of which outlined the District's progress with Classic Learning, as well as responses to positive COVID-19 cases that are being identified in VUSD schools, including MVHS. The October 28th Community Update summarizes the outcomes of the special board meeting that was held on Tuesday, October 27th.

Ultimately, the board took action in the following areas:

  • Established a threshold at all comprehensive middle and high schools: if two COVID-19 positive cases are identified at one individual school, this will initiate an immediate pivot for Vista Classic students and staff to Vista Virtual for 14 days at the impacted school.
  • Established a secondary threshold at all comprehensive middle and high schools: if one COVID-19 positive case is identified at three or more secondary schools concurrently, within the same 14-day period, this will initiate a pivot for Vista Classic students to Vista Virtual for 14 days at all of the impacted schools.

Midterms are Next Week!

Students will take midterm exams on November 5th (1st and 2nd period) and November 6th (3rd and 4th period). Grades earned at midterms are reported to students' official transcripts. Midterm days will be minimum days, and classes will end at 12:15pm.

Model Change Requests

We have received several requests to change students' learning model from Classic to Virtual. While we are looking at each case to attempt to meet requests, in many cases, we are not able to meet them as some classes are not offered in the Virtual model and/or many classes are full.

Our District has indicated that families will have an opportunity to request a model change again for the Spring term, which begins in January.

MVHS Safety Plan, Student Expectations, and Mitigation Measures for Classic Students

The links below contain important links to safety protocols and plans in place.
Expectations for "Classic" Students' Return 10/20/20

Student agreements for returning to on-campus learning, beginning October 20, 2020

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Supporting the Social-emotional Needs of our Students

The Counseling Department is here to help support students and families. Our top priority is the health, safety, and well-being of every MVHS student and family.

Should you have a concern about an MVHS student or if you, as an MVHS student, would like to refer yourself, please complete this form. The Counseling Dept. will make sure to follow up with any students and/or their families to make sure we are providing the needed assistance.

Please note that these responses are checked during designated school days and it may take 1-3 days to follow up with a student and/or family.

Should you feel that you need immediate non-life-threatening support please contact the Access and Crisis Line at 888.724.7240 or if you need life-threatening support please call Emergency Services at 911.

In addition, VUSD has extra resources that can be found on this link: https://bit.ly/3bAuBxT
MVHS Student Support Referral Form

Complete this form to refer any student to our Counseling Department for additional social-emotional support.

MHVS Social-Emotional Resources

Please visit this link for the social-emotional resources for students and families, including "Basic Need" (i.e., food resources) provided through Vista Teen Outreach

Need a Chromebook or Textbooks?

Contact our outstanding Library Team to arrange for pick-up options:

MVHS Library: mvhslibrary@vistausd.org

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We had great participation for Spirit Week this week - both in Classic and Virtual models. Thank you to everyone who participated!

Virtual Club Rush is Coming Soon

We will begin hosting a Virtual Club Rush soon. Club Rush is an opportunity for students to learn about what clubs are running, their mission, and when they meet.

Check the @MVHS.ASB Instagram account for details.

ASB Club Information

If you would like to renew your club or start a club please submit the proper paperwork using HOW TO BECOME A CLUB or visit our website MVHS ASB.

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MVHS Counseling Department Information

Click here to navigate to the MVHS Counseling Webpage

Virtual Counseling Appointments Available

Click here to schedule a virtual meeting with a counselor.

College Information: Private and Out of State Schools

Private/Out of State Colleges
MVHS Kickin' it with the Counselors! #3
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Mission Vista Parent Teacher Student Association (PTSA)

Interested in joining PTSA? Click this button for details and information

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The Timberwolves Foundation

The mission of the Timberwolves Foundation is to enhance, enrich, and encourage all aspects of education at MVHS and provide grants to promote the development of programs, classroom innovations, and support all school clubs.

Check out the New Foundation Website

The Timberwolves Foundation have revamped their website. Check it out to learn more about the great work the Foundation does for MVHS programs.
Vista Institute for Parents (VIP)

This website is designed to provide up-to-date resources and videos, a platform to communicate with our support team and get connected to others, to learn new skills and tips for your family, and have fun with us as we all continue to grow and learn

MVHS Daily Learning Schedule

Click here for the MVHS Daily Learning Schedule

CANVAS Tips for Parents

Please see this list of resources for parents as they navigate CANVAS.

Our "Why" - Vision, Mission, and Values

Our Vision is to be the model of educational excellence through discovery, innovation, and growth.

Our Purpose is to empower students to be self-directed, creative, and critical thinkers who persevere to positively impact the interconnected world.

We Value mutual respect, collaboration, integrity, originality, and intellectual curiosity that prepare our students to become integral members of society.